Wednesday, March 27, 2013

have a happy [healthy] Easter


With Easter coming up this weekend, I think it's safe to say that most children will be suffering from a sugar high well into the first half of next week.

After talking with a friend last night, she told me how most of her friends have had babies and how they have taken over instagram. (Thanks Amanda!) With so many babies in the air, why not take advantage of all the new Mommies out there and offer some healthier choices for their little one's Easter basket. So instead of all the sweets and sugar- I thought of some creative ideas in an attempt to overhaul the typical basket.

Now if you know me, you know that I too love sweets!! But I think kids shouldn't love sweets as much as I do, and maybe I shouldn't have been given them as much when I was younger. So start them off on the right foot with some great alternatives.  enjoy xo

1. Freeze Dried Fruit- the Just Tomatoes brand is my favorite choice when it comes to fruit. The variety of flavors that they offer is fantastic and depending on the season you will get bonus choices, mango and blueberries are two of my favorites.
2. Personalized Key Chains- as a child I never really got the chance to have personalized items, because lets face it.. my name isn't that common. So when I recieve a treat with my name on it, I feel extra special!! It doesn't have to be Easter themed, that way they can use it all year long.

3. Mad Lib Books- I thought these were awesome when I was a kid... well, they're still pretty cool. The random, silly stories that you can create are endless and a great option when you need to keep your child busy.
4. Honey Bunny Grahams- These are so addicting, you will find yourself stealing them from your kids. Maybe you should buy a bag for yourself.. Now the real perks- sweetend with natural honey, excellent Source of Calcium, no Saturated Fat, no Cholesterol and they're made with organic whole wheat flour.  AND its eligible as an EcoBonus product- natural, organic, fair trade and sustainable!
5. Marbles- Ya, they might be a little old school.. but kids still really like them. You can play the original game with them or collect the really unusual looking ones. Plus, kids are creative.. they'll come up with a million other ways to play with them.
6. Temporary Tattoos- These are pretty rad all around. You don't even have to give Easter themed ones, they can be trucks or roses.. they're just fun.

7. Money- One thing that I always liked when I was younger was getting silver coins in my Easter eggs. It never has to be a large amount, but a little jingle in their basket goes a long way. So fill up some of those plastic aggs with a couple quarters and hershey kisses for a fun alternative.

6. Small Toys- Depending on what your child is into, the excitement of toys never gets old. Children like things that they can play with right away and Hot Wheels or Hex Bugs are always popular. If you want to fill the basket with girlier items maybe nail polish or hair clips would be a better idea. The dollar spot at Target has a really good selection.

8. Movie Tickets- When a child reaches 5 years old, they typically can sit through an entire movie. So why not give them some vouchers so they can pick when they want to go and what they want to see. This gives them a sense of independence and the option for a night out with you!! It's a win win.

9. Coupons- Giving homemade coupons is always a fun idea. All you do is write up some fun activities or special privelges on a peice of paper, cut them out and you're good to go. Some of my favorites are; stay up one hour past bed time, the child's choice for dinner, and skip chores for a day.. but you can make up whatever you like.

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