Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paper Dolls

When I was younger my Mom treated my sister and I to a large magnetic paper doll set. She lived on the refrigerator and every morning when we came down for breakfast we would dress her for the day. She only had a few pieces that made up her clothing collection, but when you mixed and matched it just right she had so many outfits. That's where the inspiration came from for today's post... with just a few tweaks to your hair, accessories or make up you can have a different look with the same outfit. I fell in love with Madewells new striped drawstring tee dress, but when I was looking at it I saw so many different looks you could go for depending on the vibe you wanted to give off.

The four different looks that I am showcasing all use the same dress, but depending on the items I paired with it, changes the style of the outfit completely. Hope you can get inspired by my collections. xx ciao


Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies
Grey Cord jacket
White Converse Allstars
Brixton woven fedora
Silk Scarf


Bauble Bar Necklace
Micheal Kors watch


Ralph Lauren glasses
Chan Luu friendship bracelets
Kate Spade beach bag
Saltwater Sandals


Sprout Watch
Robert Geller for Levis type III denim vest
Urban Outfitters studded boots
Tasha slouchy beanie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Festival Pictures

I'm back from the surface of the sun... with a pretty good tan I must say.
The artists at Coachella were AMAZING, every performance was creative, energetic and loud- just the way a concert should be. Some of my favorites were Beirut, Childish Gambino, Santigold, Radiohead, Dre/Snoop {{duh}} but my favorite was Bon Ivar... my boyfriend really likes them but I never really got into them... until I heard them live. The heat was HOT!!! 110 every day and literally no breeze, yes it was like death. My feet swelled to the size of watermelons and I felt like a penguin walking around from stage to stage... other than that there weren't any other surprises. It was nice, after the sun set it would cool down to about 70 and we would head to the main stage, roll out our blanket and just chill under the stars and watched the show... my guy even danced with me [[which doesn't normally happen, unless on a cruise ;) ]] I didn't get to see Florence and the Machine because we spontaneously decided to go on the Farris wheel, I was a little scared. So, I can honestly say that I will go to Coachella again...but I am NEVER camping there. I will stay in a hotel, spend the day at the pool and then go to the venue in the evening. Here are some of my snapshots from the weekend, mostly just things that made me happy.  Hopefully you can live vicariously through them. :)
An amazing art sculpture, that I wanted to take home with me

the farris wheel

kettle korn, I've been craving it for weeks

a dream catcher in body paint c/o my friend Samantha

The sculpture at night


festival grounds

Ya, we had our own DJ in our tent village- we WERE the after party

The Main Stage

the view from the farris wheel up top

me watching Flying Lotus

"shes got a ticket to ri-ide"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'll tell Tupac you say Hi :)

Coachella starts tomorrow and I am so excited. We drove all night last night, or what felt like all night, and got to our hotel in Palm Springs late. Ah, my last little bit of luxury before the camping shenanigans begin. We are camping with 12 other cars, so we are now referring to ourselves as Coachella Village. Camping is a great alternative to a hotel, and it is more cost effective. For $375 it paid for my 3 day tickets and camping spot. Most hotels in that area are going for 80 bucks a night, minimum, and you still have to pay for your concert tickets. I do have the upper hand because all the people I am going with are veterans and can help me learn the ropes... like the best time to get the shortest shower lines and the best locations for keeping cool.
(its supposed to be 102 everyday)
I made sure to plan meals throughout the trip so I don't get stuck with junk food for the concessions."If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail"- a great quote about the importance of meal planning... or whatever else you make of it. I stocked up at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and made sure to bring plenty of water.. as you know I drink like a camel. This past weekend I went with friends to the Berryessa Flea Market and shopped for inexpensive Coachella items. Instead, I found two lace tops for only $20... winner winner chicken dinner!!

If your going to Coachella this weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time... If you're not, then maybe you can download some of the artists and jam out at your own home version Coachella Party. Or for the downers out there,, keep telling yourself that Coachella isn't worth going to.
 I pulled together some of the trending outfits for Coach that I have been seeing different celebrities/people wearing. What are some of the popular outfit choices you choose for music festivals? Are you a fringe and shorts kinda person... or a maxi dress and headband kinda person... or a rocker tee and moto boot kinda person.

maybe I'll see ya there... ciao xx

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love at the Beach

I love a good beach day. Whether the sun is shining or the day is overcast... I love visiting. I feel like I belong at the Ocean., maybe I was a seahorse in another life? A trip to the Beach is a great, inexpensive way to spend your afternoon. You can bring a frisbee or football and get a game going, or you can take a stroll by the water and collect various objects... just make sure to ask Mother Nature if it's ok before you take them home. I love collecting seashells when I go to the beach. Each is so unique. I also love to build sand castles when I visit, I know it is such a childish thing to do... but my creative side comes out and I cant stop it.
So with the warm weather coming up, a beach day is a perfect activity. You can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it with your toes in the sand. Or bring a good book, lather up the sunscreen and enjoy laying in the sun.

These shots were taken when we took our anniversary trip to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. While we were walking along the beach we saw to amazing creations. One person built a buried city in a sand hole... I thought I was looking at the lost city of Atlantis. Another person collected very large shells and put them into a peace sign pattern, simple but memorable. I thought I had uploaded the shots, but I guess not- dang it!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just in Case..

I dont think I have ever told you... but you can follow me if you like? I have a Facebook, like everyone, a Twitter and an Instagram- because I just got a new HTC for my birthday and Instagram is now available for it. I feel weird asking people to follow me... but if you are interested I'll pass along the information to you.

Facebook- Devon Foster ( I think I'm on the third page?)
Twitter- @devonnfosterr
Instagram- devonfoster

I usually post my blog posts to my sites right after I upload them. So, at least you'll be updated with each new one. Plus, I post fun pictures or say funny things (well, I think they're funny) on each so I think I could entertain you that way. Lol.

maybe you're interested... maybe not... I'm just putting it out there.

Friday, April 13, 2012

tHE j TO MY cREW ♥

I don't get out to the mall that often.

So, I usually will browse some of my favorite spots online and pick out pieces before I go to the store. That way I have a little game plan and don't waste too much time... and I have already picked out the things that I like so I don't waste money on non- essentials/ impulses.

My shopping tips
1. Shop when the mall is empty- I like to go early in the morning, that way all the displays are still intact and everything is still in size order from the night before. Plus all the employees are willing to help you and can give you a "personal shopping" experience, since the store is still relatively empty.
2. Wear a figure hugging tank top- I really hate dealing with dressing rooms, so much so that I usually buy the item first and try it on at home later. But, most places have great floor length mirrors stashed around the store. If you wear an undershirt you can try on shirts/sweaters/dresses right on the store floor and save time standing in line for a room. great for vintage shopping at flea markets too
3. Ask for your receipts at the register and keep them close- I love my debit card because it makes everything so easy- security, less bulk than cash and everywhere accepts them. The only thing that is a problem is that I am not always aware of how much I'm spending because everything is electronic. So, if I keep my receipts in my pocket instead of the bags I can easily track my spending and not have a heart attack when I log on to my online banking.
4. Love at first sight isn't always true love- When the occasional impulse item comes up, I never purchase it right then and there. If I find something that isn't on my shopping list but does catch my eye I always put it on hold, then I continue my shopping trip. If I am still thinking about it when I finish my other shopping, I know that it's for real and I'll go back and buy it. If I feel too lazy to walk back to the store or the item has left my brain, I know to walk away.
5. Buy quality for classic pieces- I understand that people are on a budget and cant always spend money on the best designed duds. If I know I am looking for a trendy item- like floral jeans- I probably wont spend the money because I know that next season they'll be out and I'll end up donating them. But, if I am buying a fashion staple- like a blazer- I'll spend the money for higher quality, because I know that I will be keeping it for years.
After peeping at the J Crew website I have pulled some looks that I would like to wear for the upcoming sunny seasons. The front page on their site even says that I should steal some of their looks, and steal I shall.

Happy Friday the 13th :) xx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's that time of year...

Isn't April the month when people start panicking about getting "beach body" ready? I keep hearing, seeing and reading about men and women wanting to kick their workout program into high gear so that they can get their bodies in shape for bathing suit season. But, what I don't understand is why wouldn't you want to do that all year long? I know that in the winter people slack off when it comes to gym time because (lets face it) you're in sweaters and pants, so no one can really see the pudge sticking over the top of your jeans.

My Mom gave me great advice when I was younger... " You workout to stay strong and in shape and you eat right so you don't get overweight."

If you think about it, they are two different things. Because if you eat clean foods it reflects in your weight. And if you workout then you will always stay lean and fit. Have you heard of the term skinny fat? That's what you call a person who eats poorly but still wont gain weight.. WTH!!! not fair, but some people are like that.

What I want to say is that you should try to stay healthy all year long. Don't go "willy nilly" October through April and then starve yourself/spend 4 hours at the gym a day so you can bounce back into your summer body. I was reading the latest issue of Lucky and there are some fabulous reviews of different gyms to try across the country. I think that Lithe Method looks fantastic!! All of you near Philadelphia are very lucky to have the opportunity to try out that workout. I would feel like a regular Cirque du Soleil performer after only a few sessions. Plus using your own weight as resistance is a great way to stay lean and toned.

Check out the magazine scans and hopefully you can find a new gym in your area that tickles your fancy.

I wish I lived near Philadelphia

Those Nike shoes are the perfect color for Spring

I cant wait to try this smoothie

This year, try one of the new workouts. But once Summer is over don't go back to your old routine... keep up with your exercise plans and stay healthy all year long. That way you don't have to go through all the stress of losing all the extra weight next April. ;) ciao xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I took a trip to San Luis Obispo for a relaxing and romantic anniversary weekend. (hey.. 5 years is a long time.) The cute little college town is only a few hours away from the Bay Area- so it was an ideal little getaway... plus we got to bring our dog Maddie.
 it was her first vacation.

c/o @lenscaption

We stayed at the cutest Bed and Breakfast, the Heritage Inn, and enjoyed a weekend filled with laughter, excitement, exploration, the beach, Firestone BBQ, overcast days and even a nap! It was the best weekend ever. Our room had a fireplace in it and it was so perfect to open the window to let the cool air in while we napped in front of the fire. One day we went out to Pismo Beach and drove along the coast... literally. Then grabbed drinks nearby at this outdoor patio bar and watched the sunset. The last night we were there we indulged at this fantastic Tapas restaurant. We noshed and chatted and stayed till closing, it was nice sitting in the back, just the two of us, enjoying each others company. 

The Bed and Breakfast was so charming. Everything in it was so perfectly styled- it was like walking into your grandmothers home for a nice weekend stay. I literally could not stop taking pictures of all the different trinkets that decorated the table tops and walls. Each morning when we came down to breakfast, we were greeted by a large spread of delicious goodies. My favorite was the Greek breakfast frittata- here's a similar recipe if you'd like to give it a try.

When my week is getting tough I'll daydream about this past weekend. We went there with no plan and it turned out to be the best that I could have hoped for. I got to spend time with the love(s) of my life, unwind and laugh a lot more than I do on a regular basis.

bedside table:: 'Lucky Elephant' Dogeared necklace and Vintage necklace given to me by my BF's mother.

the cutest hedgehog ever!!

fireplace in the dining room

a nice cup 'a tea


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter to you.

I will be off to brunch at 1:00 today to enjoy an afternoon of culinary excellence at the Fairmont Hotel. I have a lot of fond childhood memories of eating there. Thanksgiving, birthdays, New Years, but most fondly was after a race day. My mom, too, enjoys running and we (Dad, Sister, Nana, Papa) would go downtown to watch her races and then afterwards we would enjoy brunch at the Fountain inside the Fairmont. So while you enjoy your day off eating chocolate, finding eggs, or cooking dinner I hope you enjoys memories of your past too, and I hope they include your family.
ciao xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do you know what today IS??

It's April 5th, just in case you were wondering
 OH, and what else you ask.... it's my birthday!!

birthdays are a time for fun, surprises and sweets... that's my motto. This year is no different and last week a shared a fun birthday list of some secret wishes for my special day. (I already opened my new wallet and a new phone). But then I got to thinking that I probably shouldn't ask for anything... Everyone on Twitter has been using the new hash tag- #first world problems* and it's starting to get to me, because the things that people complain about in this country is disgusting. Have you ever looked outside your pretentious bubble and opened your eyes to the world around you... I mean the entire world?! Sorry about my rant... it's my birthday- so I'm using that as an excuse.

My message to you is be thankful for what you have.... like really thankful (even for the small stuff)

This is what I truly want, and have, for my birthday.

::perfect weather, everyday... hello I live in California
:: my healthy family
::cakes and sweets... and dark chocolate chips
::puppy kisses
::time reading magazines, my kindle and watching old home movies
::my job, my friends, and nice strangers I meet everyday
::spending Sunday mornings in bed
::waking up next to someone who makes me feel special, happy, appreciated and loved

* people write things like "my wife is sitting on the floor in our brand new house, crying because only the love seat was delivered and not the sofa too" or "I had to wear a winter coat out to the bars because it's cold, now I have to hold it all night" or my personal favorite "Someone didn't refill the Brita Pitcher, now I have to wait 30 seconds for water." Its embarrassing that people make jokes about this kinda stuff.

picture 1,2.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where are you??

You know that feeling....

The one where you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the long list of things you have to do the next day... or when you try to finish one project, but other ones keep popping up that seem to be more important- and then you're stuck in this domino effect and can't catch up... or when you're sitting on the train, planning your schedule for work and when you get there you have to throw your plan out the window because your boss has other intentions for your time....

That's where I am.

I feel like I am neglecting my little blog and I would feel pathetic if I gave up my new years resolution this soon. So, would you mind baring with me while I catch my breath? I promise that when I get through this hectic time, you will be rewarded with more frequent posts. But until that happens I will be cutting down to one or two a week.

I'm sorry to do this to those of you that do read... I promise I'll be back. ;)
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