Thursday, January 31, 2013

hot pants

I scored theses babies from Aritzia for under a hundred because of their fabulous sale going on right now, it's worth a peek.. They're 7Fam and I decided to go a size up because they fit to a straighter body. The top is from a local spot, The Usuals. It's one of my go-to stores now, because they offer a wide variety of items and I always can find something original for a gift. Has anyone tried studding leather before? I want to try it on the purse I'm wearing.. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I think my source for inspiration for today's Wants On Wednesday comes from my tummy...maybe because it's lunch time. Most of the items in today's post are items from my favorite South Bay area food stops. Places like Naglee Park Garage and Top Nosh Cafe are always go-to spots for us because of their fresh ingredients, fun meal choices, and great atmosphere. Maybe, you'll fand a new fav on my list too!
Happy Eating!! yum.. yum.. yum..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

while on a walk

Miss Maddie

The other morning Maddie reminded us that we owed her a walk. As you can tell it has been really cold here lately, so Maddie didn't mind her sweater that much. Despite the cold weather we still managed to pick up some Bubbies Mochi from the shop in Japantown. As I told you here, I love cold food during cold weather- I'm backwards. I love that San Jose has so many choices when it comes to ethnic food- in fact I think it has a pretty good variety overall. If I had to choose best Sushi it would be here and if I would have to say best Ethiopian food would be this restaurant. I think best Indian Food would be here and my favorite Hawaiian food stop is this place and this one is a close second. Im thinking of writing a "best of".. what do you think?

chilly mornings

the perfect blush

the texture is what caught my eye..

big dog

Friday, January 25, 2013

wanna get away

I have been hooked on expedia for the last few days.. I don't know if my obsession lies with the possibility of endless destinations or actually being on the hunt to find the best deal vacation. tough one. Usually, we are pretty "outdoorsy" so our vacation spot must offer plenty of opportunity for adventure. I have been wanting to go to Spain, Greece, France and Italy for a while. I recently learned about friends' experiences in Thailand and Australia.. and both have crept their way onto my list. All pictures below are available on my Pinterest board. Where are some of your upcoming vacation destinations?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

W. O. W.

Lately, I can't stop thinking of things for home. The domestic side has totally taken over and I find myself stuck on the Pottery Barn site for hours... These are a few of the things I'm currently after.

5. Cole Floor Lamp $199 6. Bird Feeder $30 7. Le Creuset large Oven $200 and Small $220  
8. Ecosphere $58

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


got some love over on the boyfriends blog the other day... so I thought I'd share over here.
Lenscaption is a popular "photo a day" blog that my boyfriend creates in addition to his full time job. He has been a professional photographer for the past couple years and my personal blog photog for the past year. He recently has been working on his new start-up Tabata Times and does all the photography/creative  related activity for the site. You should stop by and check out his work. He always gives a very unique perspective in his pictures and his captions really force you to look at the bigger picture...he's deep.

show him some love <3

Friday, January 18, 2013

recap snaps

needless to say, visiting Las Vegas was definitely f.u.n. 

The C.E.S. show was fantastic and a little overwhelming. I saw so many cool things from new iPad reading appliances to  TVs with color so rich you'd swear it was right in front of you. It was amazing and I would want to go again for sure.

We went out to Julian Serrano Tapas bar on Friday night, and the food was so flavorful. Each dish was so pretty and delicate and everything tasted delicious. My favorite dishes were the roasted paqillo peppers and  the stuffed dates- the cheese was so smooth and sweet.

The next morning we went to The Hash House because I loved my experience at the one in San Deigo. Well the food was good but the servers all wear insane costumes/ outfits and that stole the show. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the Strip and checking out the amazing crystal chandeler at the Cosmopolatin Hotel. It is stunning.

After a quick flight home on Saturday night, I was home snuggeling with Maddie by 10:00, call it a night..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

steal or splurge

One thing I hate about fashion {and some people love fashion for this}is the fact that it changes so rapidly. Now, I'm not saying that I like wearing and seeing the same peices all the time... but I don't like it when people have to spend their whole savings account just to by the hottest new item.

So I pulled together some of the total lust-worthy items and I found similar styles for a fraction of the cost. Now, these arent' knockoffs (save the children in Asia, for heaven's sake) but they give you the same look as a higher priced item would... Happy Shopping <3

ciao xo
Chloe- Susan Studded Ankle Boot $1,345
Vince Camuto- VC Tema Bootie $198
Valentino- Rockstud Thong Sandal $295
Steve Madden- Jiffy Sandal $40
Prada- Green Tassel Smoking Slipper $720
LuLu's- Green Tassel Smoking Slipper $28

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

talk nerdy to me

The other rainy day, I decided it would be a perfect idea to visit Santana Row- since it is all outdoor shopping I hope it wasn't crowded. My instinct was correct, and I had a very successful day of shopping. I got three super cool sweater for under $60 from Ann Taylor Loft and I got some cute dishes and dish towels from Anthropologie. Maddie came along too, and enjoyed all the extra attention. I picked up this sweater and it reminds me of something a computer programmer would wear, hence the black framed glasses. The shoes are new from Christmas, you can't go wrong with Toms... and these match with everything. The perfect casual outfit for hanging at the fam's house, enjoying the evening. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Peace out..

Took a mini vaca to Vegas for the weekend. I wanted to check out the CES show etc. Last night we ate at the amazing Julian Serrano Tapas restaurant it was so delicious. My favorite items were the stuffed dates and paquillo peppers- beyond fabulous!! I'm a fan of cheese so the assorted plate was good and the choices were vibrant and smooth. Very Good.  I hope you have a good weekend.  Enjoy!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

black swan

The weather has been so chilly around here. There have been a few mornings where the grass is still frozen as I walk by on my way to work.

I have been living in my Free People sweater; one I got from my sister for Christmas. It is perfectly thick and ultra soft, I may or may not have worn it three days in a row. This was from another round of dress up with the sister. The dress is Free People [[in stores]] and the boots are Steve Madden. The jacket is thrifted and the black tights are from Nordstrom. Wearing a girly dress with tough boots is all the rage right now, do you like "roughing" up feminine pieces by pairing them with something edgy?

 The boots are mine, and I have also been wearing them nonstop. They were great in Tahoe too, I would highly recommend purchasing a pair. The print on the inside looks so cute folded down and they look great laced up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Playing dress up is really fun...
especially when you get to dress up your life size Barbie- a.k.a. your younger sister.
Kendal has put up with me a lot over the years, and she still talks to me. That's when you know it's love.

This was a fun shoot with our hawt new matching vests that we got from Mom <3 from the fabulous Neiman Marcus collaboration with Target. I like taking pictures of outfits better than being in them. Maybe this will be the start to a new collaboration between my sister and I??

It's true, she has been my best friend since before she was born, and I'm thankful everyday for her. Even when I was youger; I was thankful for her on long car rides, I was thankful for her when we were out of school for break, I was thankful for her at visits to Grandma's house, I was thankful for her at fancy restaurants and I was thankful for her during quiet time... even if I didn't always know it.

I really love my baby sister.
You should tell that person in your life, how thankful you are to have them.

<3 ciao xo

Friday, January 4, 2013

recap snaps ♥ New Years 2013

My Friend Joanna acting very model-esque near the cliffs at Half Moon Bay- day trip on New Years Day. Maddie looking sharp in her pink puffer jacket.
The Sunset on Half Moon Bay.
My New Years Kiss from my love.
My fishtail braid- yes it took like 15 minutes to do.
The view from our friends' place in Noe Valley- picking them up before our beach adventure.
Mya and Grizzley cuddling together.
All the girls at our pre New Years bash. 
Making my own veggie platter and spending way less than the $30 that Whole Foods wanted to charge. New thrifted champagne glasses my hunny found plus they're Crate and Barrel. score!!
Jo and her boyfriend getting romantic with the sunset.
 My Sister and I at dinner, New Years Eve.
The boyfriend took me to see So This is 40... please go see it- you won't stop laughing. This is my bathroom selfie {don't judge} I just really love my Ugg scarf with this wool blazer. kept me warm in the theater
Us at dinner New Years, we ate at Noah's and it was delicious! I highly suggest you check it out if you are in the South Bay.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

sushi date

sweater- Banan Republic :: pants- BDG urban outfitters :: shoes- Sam Edelman :: scarf- DIY 
bag- Marc Jacobs :: watch- Michael Kors :: bracelets- (nail) Ibiss Boutique, (chevron) thrifted,
(gold bangels) art show

The other (extremley) cold night, I had a craving for Sushi. This is not uncommon for me.. I often crave things opposite from what the weather is telling me. Insert frozen yogurt on a chilly night here. So as nice as my boyfriend is and to humor me, we went.

TGIsushi is extremely delicious and one of our favorite joints in the area. They offer an authentic Japanese sushi experience but still give in to the Americans the their special rolls. I like to make my own when I go in, my guy gets the Geisha roll. And we always order hand rolls, it's how we set the bar for sushi places. Check them out if you're in the Campbell area.

The scarf I'm wearing, is one that I made and I love the print on the fabric. Learning to sew is such a valuable skill, it saves me money because I don't have to go to a tailor. It's also fun to make your own clothing. Usually I create my own ideas... and sometimes they turn out great and other times- not so much.. In my arm party I am featuring my new Nail bracelet form Ibiss Boutique in Willow Glen, such a cute shop and the nicest girls work there. They offer a variety of current trends and everything is affordable!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Spending the first day of 2013 in San Francisco with friends and I have no agenda whatsoever.
I hope you all had a safe and fun and delicious New Years Eve and that today brings you hope and excitement for a prosperous 2013!!

looks like it's gonna be a great year ;)

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