Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Devon's Dish [[ Church Creek Cellars ]]

Wow Wow Wow. 
I don't have enough room, for all the wonderful things I could say about 

How cute are the horses that greet you as you pull in?? 

The newest winery to open in Santa Clara county, with the best views and hospitality, imaginable! When you are surrounded by 21 acres of gorgeous grape vines and panoramic views, you don't want to be stuck indoors. So they have built a beautiful open air Ramada, complete with a long bar and delightfully large, outdoor heaters.

With numerous award winning releases, you can't go wrong in picking any. Whether you choose to buy a few bottles to take home or stay awhile and sip under the oak tree, your experience will keep you coming back. 

Plus they have a wine club (join here) and don't let your glass go empty.

Church Creek Cellars prides themselves and their work, on the individual attention given to each plant. They believe that when you grow, nurture and hand pick a plant for production, you have the ability to select at the peak of ripeness for the overall style of wine they are trying to achieve.

They believe in the "vine-to-bottle" approach, something we in California know very well.. as "farm-to-table" has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The idea behind it, in it's most honest form, is that all parties involved in the process complete production in the most raw and natural way possible. No middlemen, no marketers, no distributors. You will meet the wine making team, and they are happy to walk you through their journey with each and every plant.

Me sitting with my parents enjoying the cabernet sauvignon. 


Estate varietals include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sangiovese, Malbec, Zinfandel, Tempranillo, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, and Pinot Noir. (read more here

Diana look cute on the left talking with visitors || A packed tasting room on the right. 

Cooper has been working around the clock. Start ups often require you to wear multiple hats and multitask quite a bit.

Here he is shown as lead sommelier, earlier he was working as the official greeter and toast maker, and before that he was regulating the crowds as head of security.

So how do I know so much about this fabulous new winery??!
I actually had the honor of babysitting this (not so little) nugget of cuteness when she was a year old through age 12. Here she is working with her Dad (above) and standing taller than me (below) 

Now, that's a reality check, let me go have a cry. 

A little OOTD inspiration
Ralph Lauren striped shirt (similar here)
Denim jacket (old, similar here
pins have been collected over the years. 

Me and Cooper taking a selfie.. what is everyone looking at? 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Devon's Dish: [[THE TIPPING TEAPOT.]] restaurant review

 The Satori Tea Room was first introduced to me when I visited their location nestled deep in the center of downtown San Jose. Since then, that shop has moved to Saratoga, a tiny town  located at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains. I had the most wonderful time visiting this tea room, not to mention it was Superbowl Sunday.. so talk about having the place to yourself. :) 

My Aunt suggested that we come here for an afternoon and have some fun in memory of Nana. 
She was terribly British. I mean, a woman who was against getting her U.S. Citizenship because she was clearly a British woman and never converting. 

Here is my aunt, sipping her tea. I chose a Geisha green tea mix, which was light and airy but still remained true to its well-known flavor. My cup had the prettiest saucer, with dozens of flowers painted on it's surface. They have the best collection of dishes.. which, actually. it isn't a collection come to think of it.. Every cup a saucer is different and the tea pots are all different types, from classic hand painted roses, to funny shapes and colors. 

My sister had a gold elephant.  

We decided to get the "Tea for Two" but ordered two rounds so that would it would feed all four of us. I could have eaten about twelve more sandwiches, to tell you the truth ( they were so good ). Our scones were fresh from the oven, and they serve jam and clotted cream and lemon curd. The sandwiches I liked most were the pesto pumpkin seed and the pear, arugula and gorgonzola. 

Of course they have the traditional English cucumber and creme cheese, if you fancy. 

Just look at all the amazing pastries. The madeleine cookies were
 so good and I spread the jam on them, which was just divine. I could not stop with the chocolate french macarons, I think I even stole my Mom's share. They have dark chocolate and white chocolate petite fours which were decorated with tiny hearts. All the desserts were so pretty, but we managed to eat them.   

Here is a picture of my Sister, Nana and I.

The interior is a mixture of over-stuffed furniture, covered in all different fabrics. I loved the delicate vintage accessories, like the framed mirrors on the wall or the embroidery on the pillows. The colors in the shop are bright and inviting. The huge windows in front, light the gift area and show off all the tea mixtures available for purchase. The street outside, is lined with other shops, restaurants and tasting rooms. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rosso Corsa

I've definitely worn this red jumpsuit before. I can literally count on one hand, the number of times I've worn it, even though I think it's been owned for about five years. I feel really sassy when I get the chance to wear it. 

Kind of how a Ferrari is sassy, especially when it comes in red. 

This is part one of my day. My aunt is so adorable and suggested us ladies all go out for tea, as an honor to my Nana. The last time she and my Uncle came out, they treated Nana to lunch at a tea room. She loved it and so Aunt Randi booked us an afternoon at Satori Tea room. So more about that in the next blog post. 

I love a good brick wall. <3 

Here is a photo from after tea.
 My sister on the left, my Aunt Randi in the center and me on the right. 

ciao xx

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Not everything that's lost.. is gone forever

The Capitol Flea market is one of the last authentic flea markets left in my area. Sure there are a few in San Jose and the Bay Area, but often you find row after row of new items and stuff shipped in from China.. and sometimes a girl just wants to see used skateboard decks and vintage dolls from the 60’s. I love coming early with a coffee in hand and no real objective for my visit. I roam the aisles look and touching and asking “how much” and even if I leave empty handed I still feel fulfilled after my visit. 

I like people; watching them, talking to them and listening to their stories. That's why I had such an amazing relationship with my Nana, who just passed away-I love you forever, because I never discredited her. She was never old in my eyes, just vintage. For a woman who lived in a completely different era, she knew how to give advice for today- better than anyone I’ve confided in. She told stories that were never boring or outdated, they gave me the power to travel through time and see a whole different world. Some of my favorite qualities that she had were: her laugh, her winks from across the table, her commitment to using proper manners and grammar, her cute nana style, her story telling skills, HER COOKING, the love for her family, her spy like nature, the stubbornness, when she would force a closer bond with my little sister- my best friend, the way she made a coffee, her love for sweets- just like me, and the most was that she moved across the country the second I was born. I've never had someone who loved me that much. The is the most perfect British Nana. 
and she is mine. forever in my heart. 

The farmers market stalls are filled with fruits and vegetables from across the continent. You can find pineapples in winter and dahlias in the spring. The freshest bananas and heaps of peanuts. I recently switched to a plant based diet ( for many reasons, but health is a big one) so I enjoy stopping by and getting food for the week. I'm a big fan of putting money into a person's hand and not a corporation. So I always try to shop small when I can. 

Did I mention the flea market in in the same parking lot where they have drive in movies? So there are huge screens that surround the perimeter, which is pretty epic.

 You can find almost anything you need, or don't need. From home goods to sporting equipment, power tools and leather boots. Items for as low as 50 cents to furniture in the hundreds. One thing you can be sure of is that you will get it at a fair price and haggling is encouraged. Which honestly, I'm not good at that.. I usually just pay what they tell me.. so I have to work on that. :) 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Devon's Dish: [[ RUNNING SHOP&HOPS ]] restaurant review

Growing up in Morgan Hill, there were not a ton of things to do… but there was enough. Fast Forward 20 years later, and it’s still a tiny town to the outside eye.. But there is so much more available to the residents when it’s comes to finding fun things to do.

When Shanna was in town last week, I surprised her and took her to The Running Shopand Hops. We both had never been, and I had Maddie and knew they allowed dogs inside (win!).  I believe the owners opened originally as a running store in 2013. Then in 2016, reopened with the addition of a craft beer paradise.

I consider myself a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoy writing restaurant reviews, check out the one for this Campbell hot spot, here.

We went there for “happy hour” and ended up staying till closing. Sam was our awesome bartender for the night and he treated us to the largest beer tasting paddle known to man. But with over 90 amazing beers on tap, it was still really hard to narrow down only thirteen to try.

You have got to give this place a try, it’s a true hidden gem. The space, extensive beer selection and friendly service has enticed me to make a return trip soon. The rotating beer menu is such a great feature- you’ll never get bored of the menu. Not that you will ever be able to try everything on the list... but you could try.  Check it out here, to see if they have a few of your faves. 

ciao xx

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