Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rosso Corsa

I've definitely worn this red jumpsuit before. I can literally count on one hand, the number of times I've worn it, even though I think it's been owned for about five years. I feel really sassy when I get the chance to wear it. 

Kind of how a Ferrari is sassy, especially when it comes in red. 

This is part one of my day. My aunt is so adorable and suggested us ladies all go out for tea, as an honor to my Nana. The last time she and my Uncle came out, they treated Nana to lunch at a tea room. She loved it and so Aunt Randi booked us an afternoon at Satori Tea room. So more about that in the next blog post. 

I love a good brick wall. <3 

Here is a photo from after tea.
 My sister on the left, my Aunt Randi in the center and me on the right. 

ciao xx

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Not everything that's lost.. is gone forever

The Capitol Flea market is one of the last authentic flea markets left in my area. Sure there are a few in San Jose and the Bay Area, but often you find row after row of new items and stuff shipped in from China.. and sometimes a girl just wants to see used skateboard decks and vintage dolls from the 60’s. I love coming early with a coffee in hand and no real objective for my visit. I roam the aisles look and touching and asking “how much” and even if I leave empty handed I still feel fulfilled after my visit. 

I like people; watching them, talking to them and listening to their stories. That's why I had such an amazing relationship with my Nana, who just passed away-I love you forever, because I never discredited her. She was never old in my eyes, just vintage. For a woman who lived in a completely different era, she knew how to give advice for today- better than anyone I’ve confided in. She told stories that were never boring or outdated, they gave me the power to travel through time and see a whole different world. Some of my favorite qualities that she had were: her laugh, her winks from across the table, her commitment to using proper manners and grammar, her cute nana style, her story telling skills, HER COOKING, the love for her family, her spy like nature, the stubbornness, when she would force a closer bond with my little sister- my best friend, the way she made a coffee, her love for sweets- just like me, and the most was that she moved across the country the second I was born. I've never had someone who loved me that much. The is the most perfect British Nana. 
and she is mine. forever in my heart. 

The farmers market stalls are filled with fruits and vegetables from across the continent. You can find pineapples in winter and dahlias in the spring. The freshest bananas and heaps of peanuts. I recently switched to a plant based diet ( for many reasons, but health is a big one) so I enjoy stopping by and getting food for the week. I'm a big fan of putting money into a person's hand and not a corporation. So I always try to shop small when I can. 

Did I mention the flea market in in the same parking lot where they have drive in movies? So there are huge screens that surround the perimeter, which is pretty epic.

 You can find almost anything you need, or don't need. From home goods to sporting equipment, power tools and leather boots. Items for as low as 50 cents to furniture in the hundreds. One thing you can be sure of is that you will get it at a fair price and haggling is encouraged. Which honestly, I'm not good at that.. I usually just pay what they tell me.. so I have to work on that. :) 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Devon's Dish: [[ RUNNING SHOP&HOPS ]] restaurant review

Growing up in Morgan Hill, there were not a ton of things to do… but there was enough. Fast Forward 20 years later, and it’s still a tiny town to the outside eye.. But there is so much more available to the residents when it’s comes to finding fun things to do.

When Shanna was in town last week, I surprised her and took her to The Running Shopand Hops. We both had never been, and I had Maddie and knew they allowed dogs inside (win!).  I believe the owners opened originally as a running store in 2013. Then in 2016, reopened with the addition of a craft beer paradise.

I consider myself a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoy writing restaurant reviews, check out the one for this Campbell hot spot, here.

We went there for “happy hour” and ended up staying till closing. Sam was our awesome bartender for the night and he treated us to the largest beer tasting paddle known to man. But with over 90 amazing beers on tap, it was still really hard to narrow down only thirteen to try.

You have got to give this place a try, it’s a true hidden gem. The space, extensive beer selection and friendly service has enticed me to make a return trip soon. The rotating beer menu is such a great feature- you’ll never get bored of the menu. Not that you will ever be able to try everything on the list... but you could try.  Check it out here, to see if they have a few of your faves. 

ciao xx

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Get your [ 2K17 Halloween Weekend ] on

Looking to spook some of your friends? Trying to get in the Halloween spirit? You have come to the right place. I will be sharing my top 5 Halloween Haunted Bay Area locations, guaranteed to put you in the most terrified mood, possible.

Image result 

Not based on a true story… this IS THE TRUE STORY. The widow of William Winchester (creator of the Winchester rifle) built up this house for over 30 years in order to hide from the spirits of those who were killed by her late husband’s invention. A psychic told her that if they find you… they will kill you too. So she built hundreds of fake staircases and doors and rooms that led nowhere, in order to confuse the spirits. The spirits still haunt the house to this day. You can take a tour by flashlight, and gamble if you will ever come out alive..

16th and Castro -Oakland, Ca

You may think that it is a regular neighborhood, by the homes and trees that line the street. For over a century, residents have reported numerous ghost sightings. From twirling under street lamps to doorbell ditching to items missing and turning up in mysterious places… Mark this community for trick or treating… if you dare!

Lone Tree Cemetery -Hayward, Ca

If you having been searching for a venue for your next séance.. This is it. The cemetery's founding legend holds that once upon a time, an eloping couple's furious parents killed them on the spot where the cemetery now stands. After nightfall, strange sounds and calls for help can be heard as well as lights that shine in the distance, but come from nowhere.

1000 Lombard St. - San Francisco, Ca

Just because you didn’t get an invite, doesn’t mean you want one.. This gorgeous house, located on one of the most iconic street, is haunted. When social columnist Pat Montandon held a “zodiac themed” party at her house in the 1960s, the tarot card reader she hired got angry when she didn't give him a drink. He cursed the house with freezing spells, blood stains on the ceilings, and disembodied screams. The house has a streak of vandalism and robberies. Gusts have committed suicide and mysteriously killed. I would cross the street before walking in front of this house, just to be safe.

The Vestry –San Francisco, Ca

It’s not the music giving you chills at this popular concert hall. It’s the little girl who lives there.
The Chapel was built back in 1914 and was originally a mortuary. Since being renovated into a music venue and adjoining restaurant, the noise is obviously too loud for this girl to enjoy her final resting place. She has been seen pulling pranks on visitors and has be captured on surveillance footage, numerous times. You’ll definitely get a show to go along with your Halloween dinner.

 ciao xx,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hot August Nights 2017

I had such a fun weekend with my Aunt Patti. It all started a few months prior, when we were joking that I should come up for the weekend. Later, she told me that she would be helping out as a crossing guard at Hot August Nights, and since I am OBSESSED with cars  have an interest in cars... I decided I would join her.

Well, after 8 hours and numerous accidents, I finally made it to Reno with a small Yorkie, in tow. 

At 4 am the next morning, we were up bright and early to head to the sandwich shop and build (what felt like) 4 million sandwiches and wraps. Two employees called in sick, so everyone was real happy that I knew my way around a kitchen. I was treated to a delicious breakfast sammy, made by my sweet auntie.. why don't they have Port of Subs near me?? 

That day was non stop! We walked over 13000 steps that day, and it finally slowed down at 7 pm when we got our crossing guard vests and light sabers. ;)

I had a front row seat to the best show on the block! 
All of the cars were fabulous builds, each with it's own unique twist. 
I was overjoyed with the night cruise, it was the second best event all weekend. 
The first was Sunday morning, hanging in Aunt Patti's front yard, enjoying coffee with her. 

I hope you enjoy my recap of the weekend. <3
ciao xx

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

For my Mom

It was a special day for a lucky lady in my life... my Mom!
She turned 27, again, and chose to celebrate with the family at McCormick & Schmick's in downtown San Jose, last Sunday.

She also has been cheering me to write again on here, 
so I thought I would post an extra girly one for her. 

This was also the first time I told my parents I've decided to go plant based and give up meat.

So some of you are wondering what I ate at the steakhouse.
air.. I ate air.
I'm just teasing, I had a delicious pesto pasta and fresh berries for dessert. 

I lot of people have told me I may die because I will have a protein deficiency. 
If you google that, it has never happened. 

I tell those people- "Elephants and Gorillas are herbivores, and also some of the strongest on this planet... ". I'm not trying to push this on anyone, I'm doing it for my body and my planet. 

So now that it is documented in my blog, let me show you my gorgeous Crossroads $16 dress, that I wore. I paired it with sale shoes from some knockoff place that I picked up for $22 in San Francisco. 

I'm a BIG FAN of thrift stores, due to the low prices and great fashion. I like mixing pieces from different eras, as well as luxury items and low price points. 

My rule? -There are no rules for fashion.
Wear white after labor day! spoiler alert? no one cares, and those white jeans look great on you. 

ciao xx, 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hi Mommys!!--we're makin' easy Candied Apples

I love eating candy apples.. I don't like making them.

They are messy, and delicate and it's so much work for just one apple, because who can eat more than one at a time?

Hi Mommys!! How much fun is this for kids? How much work do YOU actually end up doing... Yes all of it.

My recipe is a lot more KID and DIET friendly.
If you're interested... keep reading. :)

  • your favorite apples- I like granny smith for these, since they're crisp. 
  • chocolate- dark, milk, white.. doesn't matter.
  • Caramel chews candy (easiest to work with)
  • toppings- get creative!
  • Popsicle sticks 
  • slice your apples into 1/2-3/4 inch slices, leave the seeds.
  • stick the apples from the bottom with the sticks and set aside.
  • Melt your chocolates in the microwave 
  • Melt your caramel in the microwave too!
  • start dipping- you can do traditional- caramel first with chocolate drizzle or you can do layered, as shown down below. 
  • Then add your candiy toppings as you like, or leave them plain if you prefer. 

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