Friday, July 27, 2012

Gilroy Garlic Festival

This weekend it's time for the notorious garlic festival in the South Bay. The festival is boasting it's 34th anniversary and is sure to bring crowds from all over. I can remember when I was a little girl, seeing the stretch of the 101 between Gilroy and San Jose be so crowded... just like a LA freeway. A normal 7 minutes car ride from Morgan Hill took closer to 1 hour to get to Gilroy for the event. I stopped going a few years back because it had been so hot on the weekends when it was hosted. But this weekend seems to show promise of cooler weather, so it might just be my year! 

It runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you'll know you're getting close when you can start to smell that distinct aroma in the air. I don't think you would believe me if I told you they have garlic ice cream, but they do... and I've tried it too! My friends' beau, Shane Dwight, will be performing at 12:30 on Saturday in the ampetheater- "Dwight is a charismatic and talented guitarist, vocalist and songwriter… fast becoming a blues sensation” -San Francisco Chronicle
They will also have a cook off tent (one of my favorite types of events)
Friday, it's "So You Think You Can Cook With Garlic," Saturday "Great Garlic Cook-off" is a crowd favorite and see pro chefs in action Sunday in the "Garlic Showdown." Should be a fun weekend and I hope you can make it down there!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a hearty meal

I went on a little baking binge, and decided to put together a little home cooked meat a bread recipe. The only thing was that I really made balsamic turkey meatloaf and rosemary, carrot and garlic scones- so a little more gormet than I led on.. The recipe for the scones turned out perfect. Plus the recipe used non fat yogurt instead of butter or oil, so the fat content was a lot less than a traditional scone. I didn't add the seeds to the top, and I formed mine into a circle and cut triangles instead of bars. Next time I make these I think I will add more spices to the recipe.

The meatloaf is a recipe that a friend shared with me.
1 lb ground turkey
1 bell pepper
1 med onion (red or white)
3 garlic cloves

saute everything in a pan with olive oil until it is cooked through.
 steam 3-4 cups of spinach leaves over the heat and then mix that in with the turkey mixture. Then you want to mix in 1 egg and sprinkle 3/4 cup panko breadcrumbs over the top.

grab a 1 cup measuring cup and put in BBq sauce, ketchup, and balsamic vinegar- use whatever ratio of each depending on what flavors you like. I do 1/2 cup of the B.V. and a quarter cup of the other two. Mix everything together and form it in a loaf pan... or you could form a long mound on a baking sheet if you like more of a crispy crust on top.
Bake it in your oven for 45 minuted at 405 degrees. Sometimes I have to cook it a little longer. *Note- I don't use as much of the bread crumbs as the original recipe calls for (1-1.5 cups) because I don't like it too bread-y. This tends to not hold together as well. So add more if you like.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Sale

I smell a sale over at 
I have been keeping an eye on some goodies and they finally made their way over to the sale rack. If I were headed to Malibu or Santa Barbara for a long weekend, these would be on my packing list. Now I just have to make sure they're still available in my size! What are some of your go to pieces for summer?

The ultimate late summer dress, perfect when paired with a denim jacket, short boots and a great necklace.

filmclass shirtdress
was $105.00
now $79.99  


worn perfectly out for a day at the boardwalk with friends. paired with high waisted denim cut-offs. keds or huarache sandals
gar-de® cropped zigzag sweater
was $150.00
now $104.99
This neutral dress allows for infinite color palate possibilities, or you can keep it clean all together. It also boasts a fantastic shape that allows for wedges (dressy) or flats (casual).. 

sundial dress
was $145.00
select colors $99.99


I think everyone can agree that this is THE shirt for the season, so much so that it will carry throughout Autumn. It looks great tucked into tan shorts,  black mini skirts, white denim...

perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt in harvest wash
was $69.50
now $68.00
The color of this skirt is amazing. I would pair it with a fisherman's sweater and flat sandals for the farmers market or a silk top and glitter clutch for evening.

pleated flutter skirt
was $88.00
now $39.99


I'm such a sucker for bright yellow and navy... But the buttons down the front panel of the skirt is what does it for me. It is the perfect cut and length and the bow adds a touch of whimsical.

novella skirt
was $88.00
now $59.99


Both of these bathing suits are real works of art. Mara Hoffman is royalty in the abstract print world.

mara hoffman® tiki bustier bikini
was $220.00
now $164.99

mara hoffman® half-top printed bikini
was $216.00
now $149.99


Monday, July 23, 2012

While on a walk <<+weekend treats>>

Had so much fun while I was out this past weekend. Maddie and I took to the Alameda and ventured into the neighborhoods.

The three of us had originally gone out for breakfast at Crema. But then he had to leave from there to a business trip.. and he just got back from a boys vacation. Maddie and I went for a walk, and of course my lens was attracted to everything. I might have gone a little photo happy, but oh well... it happens to the best of us.

Some highlights definitely included a delicious iced green tea chai that was made with the perfect ratio of flavors. Too many gorgeous flowers that I could seriously not get enough of. Vintage shopping and not having anyone tell you to hurry up PLUS a new chambray shirt- that didn't cost 100 dollars... I just couldn't spend that on a regular top. I also enjoyed heading to the used book store, and Maddie enjoyed sneaking peaks at the black cat, who was being so coy..
Maddie trying to look like a stuffed toy


I really was finding it hard to decide which book I liked best. Then I saw that the price was so cheap for either, I made the executive decision to get both. I am very eager to dive in to both of them. I think I'll keep the Kitchen Desk Reference close when I'm cooking. It offers great suggestions and FAQ- like if the recipe says " many grams of flour" I know that it equates to so many cups, very convenient. I always seem to stumble upon recipes that come from Britain, strange how that happens.



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kombucha Mojito

I made something really yummy... and it was refreshing and crisp. I found this particular flavor of kombucha a few months ago in Fresno and instantly fell in l<3ve. Maqui Berry Mint Mojito Synergy is like a berry  limeade with hints of mint. I knew I wanted to make a cocktail with it. When I bought some a Whole Foods the other day, I knew it was my chance...

So I started with these...

and added some of these.

Then I mixed in a little of this...

Then I filled it up with the good stuff...

cheers xx

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coin Rings

One of the bloggers I like went on a trip to Rome, and got the most amazing coin rings. They were so pretty, I instantly wanted one and made it a mission of mine to find one. Last month I went to the Greek Festival they have over in Santa Clara. I did find the rings there, but they were five hundred dollars, and I thought that was a little to much. I was so disappointed.

rings being dismantled

Well, when I was at the flea market the other weekend, I found two Tupperware filled with different coins from around the world. I knew that if I picked out different coins I could figure out the rest and make my own rings. Plus, they were cheep!! I paid $2 for 6 rings.

England and Germany

When I went to the craft store after coming home I found a nice 6 rings pack. The only problem was... well two.. was that the ring was curved and that it had metal trim that ran down the center and edges. I was able to break off the trim and took off the ring portion on the back. Then I hammered the ring flat so that the coin could attach easily.

Back and a Front

I glued the coin to the flat surface of the ring front. Then I re- attached the ring portion and the flat surface with some E-6000. It's my favorite super glue. After letting the rings dry, you're free to wear them. I gave a few away as gifts, so they would be perfect for a friends birthday of Holiday..


my Trinidad and Tobago ring

Friday, July 13, 2012

:: get your weekend on ::

Fountain Blues Festival at Saint James Park If you are looking for a fun event for this weekend this Blues Festival going on down the street from my house is sure to be a fun event!! Especially with this gorgeous weather that the South Bay has been experiencing this week. The Fountain Blues festival is going to be held at Saint James Park, and as I was catching the train this morning I spotted them beginning setting up. Speaking of that: if you don’t feel like dealing with traffic the VTA Light rail has a station the stops right outside the front gates to the festival. It is going to have multiple artists playing throughout the day and offer different craft and specialty booths for shopping. And if you’re headed to a blues festival, you know they’re going to be offering a terrific spread of food choices. Mmmm baby back ribs, I hope!! The festival opens it’s doors at 11:00AM, but the music runs noon to 8:00pm.

map to Saint James Park 

78th Obon Festival in Japantown This weekend will also be the annual Obon Festival, held in Japantown of San Jose. The San Jose Japantown is one of only three remaining Japantowns in the entire country, so show it a little love. The festivities get under way with traditional dance performances at the local Buddhist church and then UCLA and UC Berkeley drum lines will perform. There will be many different arts and craft style booths and of course all the local shops will be open… Biscuits, Maddie’s favorite store- which means dogs are allowed to come. This is a two day event, so it’s flexible if you already have prior commitments. Plus it opens at noon and runs till 8:00pm. I love going to this festival, mostly because of the amazing food!! They have everything from sushi to strawberry shortcake. But my favorite treat in town is the Hawaiian shaved ice from this little gem.  Have a fun weekend, with whatever you do. If you’re able to check out either of these events in downtown, leave a comment at the bottom with your thoughts, ideas or just tell me what you ate. :)

Also, this weekend in Los Altos they are having their 33rd Art and Wine festival. I really love outdoor events like this, because I live in near a ton of flourishing winerys- when they offer local vineyards it's always a treat! So if I can enjoy a glass of wine while I walk and look at cute-sey knick-knacks. I am always so amased by some of the things people create. It looks like its open untill 8:00 on Saturday and 6:00 on Sunday. They will have a few entertainers, numerous food vendors, a kidszone and of course a ton of winerys.  

Exercise outside the Box

This month in the issue of Shape Magazine, there is a great article about alternative cardio workouts. It aims to inspire people to get outdoors and try new workouts, while also having fun. If you have a particular exercise that you do at the gym, the article gives some ideas of what outside activities would be an easy transition for you. I thought it had some interesting information and thought it might be beneficial for you, especially if you have any vacations planned this summer and the opportunities arise.. Hope you enjoy it.

Bonus: Product reviews and advice for your new workout, yay!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alameda Flea

Oh my goodness, I had the best time at the flea market the other weekend. They hold it the first Sunday of the month at the docks in Oakland/Alameda. You can always find fabulous things there. I went with two girlfriends who live up in the city, so we met there.

I had been wanting to make a bar in our condo, and had a specific vision.. I knew what I was looking for. I found the right sort of a tables at a few stores in town. But with a price tag of $100 minimum, I decided to go tot he flea with eighty in hand to see if I could find something cheaper, and boy did I!! My friend Maria was the one who pointed it out and I picked it up for $45, not a bad deal. I was happy with my purchase, plus I had extra spending money to pick up some other fun items.

There were so many amazing things for sale there, I couldn't stop taking pictures... even when my camera battery died, I kept snapping shots with my phone. The first time I went, I didn't have nearly enough time to look at everything. One of my members explained to me that you are supposed to work your way from the back, because that is where all the good items are. I always make sure to follow a few simple rules when I go to the fleas. I don't buy designer bags, because they're usually fake. I don't let a wrong size get in the way of me buying something I fell for, you can always alter. And I don't go to a market with out a tank top on, that way changing is a lot easier.

Enjoy the shots from my day at the flea.

top- Free People, sweater- target, glasses- Electric, jeans- True Religion, sandals- Dolce Vita, watch- Michael Kors


right down the street from my house.. small world

Kristina, me and Maria enjoying our coffees
new chevron bracelet



i love succulents, because they're so low maintenance

street signs, thought they would make cool shelves

wheelchair from the 1920's
cowgirl boots

vintage hair dryer
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