Saturday, October 27, 2012

tricks and treats

heavy on the treats this year... like every year actually.
These are so easy and will get you a million compliments, I swear!
Plus, just switch up your cookie cutter depending ont he season.
Taking these bad boys to our Halloween party tonight, it's themed- Heros and Villians
enjoy xx

Jack-o-Lantern Krispees

6 1/2 cups of krispee cereal
1 10 oz bag of marshmallows
1/4 cup of butter or substitute
1/4 teaspoon of vanillia
2-3 drop of red and yellow (to make orange) food coloring

cool, cut and grub... effortless

:: get your SPOOKY weekend on ::

ok boys and ghouls, this is a special edition dedicated to all things scary in honor of Halloween ... and let me tell you, I want to scare the pants off of you!! Unfortunately, I can’t do that sitting at my computer, but I can tell you where to go for a frightfully good time.

I feel like the Bay Area is in love with Halloween because there are so many options to choose from. You can get idea by checking here and filling in your stipulations for something in your area. I have done some research and found the best haunts in the area, just to help you narrow down your choices.

Have a fun and safe Halloween everybody!!

This is the story of the wife of the man that invented the Winchester Rifle. She believed that all the spirits of people who were shot and killed by her husband’s invention, would come back and kill her. So she built staircases that led to nowhere and doorways that opened to brick walls… all so the spirits couldn’t find her. Experience this tour with flashlights, oh and watch your step.
Runs through Nov 3
$36 admission
525 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128

Conover Mystery Ranch

Since I grew up in Morgan Hill, Hollister was only a 20 minute drive for me… but to all you North Bay folks, this fright fest is totally worth the drive. Girls, you will cry… scary guys chase you with chainsaws!!! If you really want to get scared this Halloween, this is the best in the business. For a preview click here. But proceed with caution.
2600 San Felipe Road, Hollister, CA 95023
$25 admission for the corn maze and haunt

Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions

Just reading the description for this event gives me chills. Plus you get to experience two haunted houses for the price of one, what a deal. They have the "Meat Factory" and "The Church"
2501 Tully Rd. at East Capitol Expressway, 95122
$15 admission and the doors opens at 7

This is an event that happens after hours at the park. Everything gets a touch of Halloween with several mazes throughout the park and all the zombies and vampires come out to scare the park guests. All rides are open too, just don’t loose your head.
fortunately No one under 13 is admitted, so you know it is scary!
4701 Great America Pkwy Santa Clara, CA 95050
$30 admission for entrance and it runs 7pm-12am

This event is located at the Santa Clara fairgrounds and has won the award for biggest/best haunted house for the last few years. It fits the bill if you’re looking for some local frights.
$22 admission
344 Tully Road San Jose, California 95111

Also, just to throw this fun one into the mix- the Teen Musical Theater up in San Francisco is hosting a Haunted House too. There will be tricks and treats but best of all a Thriller performance, which is sure to be amazing, go check them out!!
$4 admission and is open from 7-10
346 Fair Oaks, San Francisco, CA

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Great Indoors

6 Rain Jackets for Running // Nike Cyclone Vapor Jacket c Tim Jones

With winter on its way to the Bay Area, it sure is putting a damper on my outside workout opportunities. The Sun wakes up late and goes to bed earlier so I have to be a little more creative with my workouts. I love to run, but on a treadmill is not ideal for me... I get board staring at the same wall the entire time.

Lately I have thought about investing in some new workout equipment in anticipation for the coming months. This guide that I found in Health Magazine seems to have done all the guesswork for me. They even included some workout routines to practice with your new home gym. As always, click on each scan for a larger viewing of the gear and exercise plan.

Also, the foam roller they mention at the bottom of the page is amazing. I feel as though it really gets those hard to relax muscles and knots. I would suggest an upgrade here. It is that one I have at home and I find that it holds up better than the foam roller... that one just flattens out over time and becomes harder to roll properly. Plus the ridges really provide extra help with pressure.

get that booty in gear! ciao xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parisian Hotties

I get my goofiness from my Mom, as you can see

Ok, so I'm not really Parisian but my outfit sure feels like it- stripes, full skirts, side braids and a touch of red to make your outfit POP! This dress is perfect because it combines everything for me- it even has a cute bow belt that makes it even girlier. Dresses are an easy fashion fix when you're not sure what to style, because it does the guess work for you and you don't have to fuss with putting pieces together.

 I love easy.. effortless actually, you get the name of my blog.

Friday, October 19, 2012

get your weekend on // Follow Friday

Ok this is effortlesslii’s first Follow Friday but it pairs perfectly with Get Your Weekend On. If you are a fitness enthusiast, like myself, and are interested in CrossFit- I highly recommend you head over to CrossFit Silicon Valley this weekend for their annual OctoberFit Throwdown. This is an event not to be missed because of all the other Box’s who participate from all over the Bay Area. Come see athletes compete, test their abilities, push their limits, win, loose, and most of all SWEAT!!! Learn a new workout, meet elite athletes and learn how to get started.

This weekend is also a huge launch for my boyfriend
(insert proud girlfriend squeals here!!)
His company Tabata Times is having another launch party this weekend during the OktoberFit event and they will be unveiling their new marketing material- he’s the creative director and lead photographer Plus he completely re-designed their box for the event. I have seen all the behind the scenes work for the last few weeks [[ which is Amazing ]] and I can’t wait to see everything finished!! Too bad I’m headed out of town today and won’t get to attend the event this weekend, I am beyond bummed…
But please go, support, learn, enjoy!!

Follow my guy on Twitter and Instagram @lenscaption
Follow Tabata Times on Twitter @TabataTimes and Like on Facebook
Follow CrossFit Silicon Valley on Twitter @CrossFitSV and Like them on Facebook
Any press on the event- tag your shots//tweets with #SVOctoberFit

While you’re there… you can follow me too
Instagram @devonfoster
(confusing, I know) lol


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Dressup Inspiration

Halloween is right around the corner, do you know what you are going to dress up as? I'm still having a hard time figuring it out. For work I will be a skeleton with Day of the Dead face painting, because its easy and our theme is "scary"...

I have been searching the internet for fun costume ideas, but I can't decided if I should be something whimsical, intricate, ficticious or funny? Probably, in the interest of time, I shouldn't try and attempt Heidi Klum's costume- even though it is amazing!! I also LOVE Lauren's Rachel Zoe inspired outfit- although I don't think I'm as cool as she is.. nor could I get away with it. Plus the party that we're headed to the weekend before the HOliday is a themed party- Heroes and Villains... But does that mean that we have to be one of each? or can we both be the same thing- like terrorists or zombies? What's your take on it?

hmmm… decisions, decisions

well, while I'm still deciding- feast your eyes on some of my favorites from past years.

my girl Joanna as Kim Kardashian

Whitney, from To Live and Diet in L.A., as Cleopatra

Lauren, from LAintheBay as the infamous Rachel Zoe

Nicole Richie as the fabulous J-Lo

Gwen Stefani as Princess Cinderella

Heidi Klum as the Hidu Goddess, Kali
                                                                    images 1,2,3,4,5,6

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

little black dress

After a long week, we had an even longer weekend...
wait?! isn't it supposed to get slower by Friday?
Well for us it didn't... lucky for me my boyfriend is amazing and took me out for a night on the town after all the hectic-ness of working during the day. BONUS- I saw Looper, and loved it!! I highly recommend you see it while in theaters because you need the large screen to get the full impact of some of the scenes. I am wearing an { on sale } Urban Outfitters dress- anything backless and I’m instantly in love. And I’m wearing my ever faithful Dolce Vita sandals; they have been in heavy rotation ever since I got them. The last day of our long vacation was spent in San Francisco, as you can see from the photo of me taken in Chinatown. We also checked out Little Italy [[or North Beach as some call it]] it’s now one of my top three favorite neighborhoods there... makes me want to go to Italy for real.

all pics taken by the talented Bobby Menbari

Friday, October 12, 2012

get your weekend on // Orange October

they could go all the way!!!
                                                         GIANTS ARE KILLING IT!!

I don’t know of anything happening this weekend that isn’t focused around Pumpkins and Harvest season. I feel like the second weekend in October is the kickoff for all things Fall. Here is California, up until last week, we were still experiencing 90+ degree days- which doesn’t make for ideal boot and coat weather. Well this week, Mother Nature is singing a different tune and has brought in the rain and dropped the temperatures quite a bit. The weekend might hold a few showers but nothing that a good pair of rain boots cant handle.

In Campbell this weekend is the

all weekend. This is a very popular event for Campbell and it is always packed, so take the LightRail or get there early to find parking. The festival runs both days from 10-6 and is boasting a quite impressive beer selection.

Oktoberfest is also this Saturday, being held in Redwood City from 10-6 as well. J Just to entice you… here are some of the breweries (local and large brands) that will be featured this year- Ale Industries, Devil’s Canyon Brewery, Gordon Biersch, Lucky Hand Beers, Palo Alto Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Spaten, Tied House Brewery, Triple Voodoo Brewing, Uncommon Brewers.

I might try to go to Campbell, but the majority of my weekend will be spent preparing for Halloween. Since I will be traveling to Sunny San Diego next weekend, I wont have time to prep before hand. I cant wait to share with you my favorite Fall treats and Halloween goodies.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

oh Ralph...


I have completely fallen for the new Ralph Lauren Look Book and am secretly envisioning myself wearing the gold sequined blazer out to... ummm, actually anywhere- It's Gorgeous.. I'd rock it at the grocery shop

They definitely hit the mark this season and their collection is on point. I love the Sherlock Holmes meets Grace Kelly meets ultimate equestrian.
 I also love the inspiration boards they included in the book and I love the sketches for some of the various pieces. Take a look at my favorites or go here for more!

Swooning over this little baby...



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

while on a walk ♥ wild horses

I have been gettin' my cowgirl on lately at the new house. I am adjusting to life on the farm more and more with each visit I make. The horses are so cute when you bring them extra apples and they never grown tired of eating them. You have to watch out for them because sometimes they act like little brats, and don't like to share their treats. Then they fight and all the apples end up falling in the mud. I think I need to buy a pair of muck boots for ranch life

My favorite part is taking care of the chickens, I just think they are so cute and I love the idea of having farms fresh eggs every morning. If I could have a backyard I would for sure try to grow/raise as many household items as I could. I love the idea of sustainable living. My favorite chicken on the ranch is Sugar.. or Suge Knight... that's what I call her <3. These are just some shots of life on the farm as of recent. Loving the opportunities I'm getting lately for going back to my roots.. I'll always be a small town/ country girl at heart.

Friday, October 5, 2012

::get your weekend on::

It’s Fleet Week here in San Francisco, which is a pretty big deal. The City is going to be packed so either leave early to beat the crowds or take public transportation into the City. If you’re into ships or the Blue Angels or if you just like supporting our military, you should go and thank some soldiers. All events run through Tuesday, see the full schedule here.

Join in the celebration at the Spirit of Japantown festival, in San Jose. This is the year of the Dragon so the party is sure to be fierce! All the usual deliciousness will be available and you should check out he Wall Mural project while your in town- serious talent.. The town of Millbrae is also throwing their Japanese Festival too! So whether you’re in the South Bay or the North Bay you can get your sushi on!

If your in the South City vicinity, check out the San Carlos Art and Wine faire. You know that I love A&W festivals… hello, wine plus shopping equals fabb!! Plus back by popular demand is the hot rod car and classic car show. It will be both days this weekend from 10 to 6.

This event is for all the females and chocoholics out there. Belmont is having the 30th annual Chocolate Festival at the Congregational Church of Belmont. Chocolate Fest will be organized in three sessions: Friday evening, 7:30-10 p.m.; Saturday afternoon, 1:30-4 p.m.; and Saturday evening, 7:30-10 p.m. You can purchase tickets here.

This weekend in Foster City is the Rib Festival, I’m a big fan of BBQ so if I were in town this weekend I would for sure be going to this event. For only $40 you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, live and silent auctions, entertainment by The Jack Aces, and door prizes. It is tomorrow from 5:30-9 pm at
William E. Walker Recreation Center

Another small town event that I am so sad I’m missing is the HUGE Garage Sale in Los Gatos this Saturday. The entire town is participating in the event and I know there are treasures to be found. Los Gatos has a great reputation for all things classic, trendy and classy- so I’m sure you wont leave empty handed if you go!

For you musical entertainment this weekend… go see Florence and the Machine at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Sunnyvale. Madonna will be performing at the HP Pavilion on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in San Jose. Click here to get you tickets for the events.

ciao xx

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sometimes when you live with your significant other, it can be hard to find time to do things you used to do before you were attached. Your single lifestyle traits kind of melt away and double dates, making dinner together and inside jokes get a lot better. But you should still fit in "girly time" for yourself~ example:: chick flicks, eating ice cream for the carton (oh, am I the only one who did that?) and looking through Cosmo to find out what the best bed tricks

and as wonderful as my guy is… when I try to ask his opinions on the new embroidery trend or show him my T-chart for the reasons why I need a new pair of boots or when I just want to dream//wish for the newest Celine bag... he just doesn't get it.

Insert Girls Night Out ::your girlfriends, maybe a few drinks, lots of laughing, good food and someone who actually gets your dilemma about whether you should get black painted jeans or leather leggings.. I had such a fun night out at Merit Vegan with a few lovely ladies the other evening. I wore my new HM sweater that I picked up the other day while shopping with my sister. We gabbed about our boyfriends// work// purses/ weddings//and a little gossip (duh, we’re girls)

I’ve known these ladies since childhood, and we always try to meet up every month just to catch up. Even though we’re all super busy doing our own thang, it’s nice re-group and reminisce.
Love you ladies x

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