Friday, November 30, 2012

:: get your weekend on ::

The start of the Christmas season is upon us.. and this weekend is the first weekend in December!!
The rain has been crazy here in Northern California and it sure does feel like Winter is here. This weekend there is an amazing indoor festival being held right down the street from my house, I mentioned it here before. The San Pedro Square Market, is one of my favorite places in downtown San Jose- there are so many fun places to grab a bite and concerts happening almost every weekend.

funny for your weekend

It is being held in the large building near the coffee shop. It opens at 11am and lasts 'till 6:00pm. There will be a TON of individual artists, crafters, clothing designers and so many other's a vendor fair for local San Jose makers, labels, brands, small businesses, and artists showcasing and selling current projects and goods.

 It will be like the ultimate "Pop Up" shop!! Feel good about buying gifts for others while supporting your local economy and small business owners.

This event is Saturday night only from 5-8 at the Lincoln Glen Church. This is another community event that shows off the local talent with a shopping event with other small shops and Santa will be there at 6pm.. if you have little ones in your life. Go out and support this adorable town.

maybe I'll spot you at SJmade.
enjoy your weekend
xo ciao

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

runnin' in the winter months

as you know I really like to run.
So how "down in the dumps" do you think I've been because when I leave for work in the morning it's dark and when I come home at night it's dark too! I usually run in residential, well- lit areas just because sometimes drivers aren't paying attention. I came accross this article in Runners World and thought I'd share it with you in case you needed some running tips for the current conditions.

Some of my favorite night run gear

RUN:U-Turn Pullover
Lululemon U Turn Pullover

The North Face Torpedo Jacket

Nightlife Jacket
Brooks Nightlife Reflective Jacket

New Balance Running refelct jacket

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

out with my sistah

The other day, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my baby sister. Of course we had to go shopping, what else? I ended up with a new top, even though I am on the hunt for a nice black wool peacoat. Any Suggestions? I grabbed this sweater at Black and Brown the other week- it's actually a light blue/mint color. My pants are from Target, major score!! Boots are Aldo. and Maddie is in a Juicy Couture Bomber, yes my dog has classy taste. My necklace was a gift from my hunny - it's a vintage pendant with inscription from the Khoran, I believe... Babe correct me if I'm wrong.

Now the game is on for Holiday Gifts!! Next month I will be featuring my gift guides for Holiday shopping for everyone in your life. I hope you like them. Stay tuned. Happy Shopping <3

p.s. all shots were taken from my sisters new phone- she's so excited. follow her on instagram @lilmissgingerr

Friday, November 23, 2012

get your weekend on :: Small Business Saturday


After a wonderful dinner yesterday and getting to catch up with my Dad's side of the Family, I am truly blessed and thankful for this Holiday. Getting to have dinner this year with both of my Grandmas was so special and I loved getting to spend extra time with them. I know I'm lucky to still have both of mine around and I enjoy learning about their lives and hearing all the old stories. I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday.

Now onto the weekend.. I didn't participate in any of the Black Friday craziness, did any of you? I used to work retail and I can honestly say I would never voluntarily choose to go shopping at that time. I even have to go to Target for a few things today, and I'm still scared.

As you know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving {sometimes at 12:01 am} when large retailers give amazing deals to kick start the Holiday shopping. <-- not too fond, but love this--> Small Business Saturday partnered with American Express.

It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving where you give back to the community by shopping at the local boutiques and individually owned shops to help promote the economy. I think it's a great way to make sure the large corporations don't hog all the business and we allow the smaller "mom n pops" to prosper.

So rethink your shopping destinations and check out the Small Business Saturday tomorrow November 24th. Some Northern California local shopping destinations I would highly recommend are Los Gatos, Los Altos, Mountain View, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto on University and Pleasanton. I would say San Francisco but there are so many locally owned shops- you should go to every neighborhood. Some of my favorites in the City are; Noe Valley, Marina, Hayes Valley, The Mission and The Height.


So please get out there are support all those adorable local shops you always promise yourself that you are going to go in- because tomorrows your day!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

On the road...

Happy Thanksgiving!
On my way to the central valley, with a pit stop at Starbucks- don't judge me

gobble gobble ♥

This year has been fun. Reflecting on the past 326 days really can boost a person's spirits... because in all honesty you only remember the good things and you do forget the bad. This just further shows you all the things you should be thankful for. And if something bad did happen, I'll think good thoughts for you. I'm in the Central Valley today celebrating with Family from near and very far away. I hope you can spend today with those you love- close friends, family, co-workers, other couples or even just your dog. <3
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

&& to those of you venturing out for the Black Friday Sales, I wish you good luck.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

cheesecake and pie

As mentioned earlier this week.. I am in charge of the dessert table for Thanksgiving part one. I decided to go with a New York cheesecake and yummy Pumpkin pie bars. Classic always wins. This morning I am running in the San Jose Turkey Trot 10K. So I can be sure that I will be sampling both desserts tonight.

Last night, after I was finished baking, I decided the Cheesecake needed something else because it didn't look right naked. So I decided to add some caramel sauce with black sea salt- that was given to me as a Hawaiian souvenir . I love it, by the way. I figure you really can't go wrong sweet and salty..

The pumpkin pie bars sounded like a good take on the traditional. Except they are made with a ginger snap crust. Plus the added benefit is that you can cut as much or as little as you like, depending on the amount of room you have left. Hopefully I picked the right treats and have something for everyone. I wish you a wonderful Holiday with those you love and lots of yummy dishes for you to enjoy throughout the day and many sweet memories for you to be thankful for next year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

stripes and natives

Thanksgiving is this week, I can't believe it. I have already bought all the needed items for Thanksgiving number one with my Boyfriend's family on Wednesday night. I am in charge of the desserts, no surprise there. It is my favorite thing to bring to any party. Maddie and I played around with the camera and I tried on possible Turkey Day outfits. A new top from JCrew that I got this past weekend, I am so addicted to stripes right now. I was out shopping with my sister. {We got matching tops}  That often used to be the case when we were younger. A family vacation was always cemented with my sister and I getting new matching outfits... I still find some comfort in it, maybe for the memories. The turquoise jewelery is worn to represent something the Native Americans might have had. I also have my arrow necklace on in memory of the events at Thanksgiving and leaf earrings to remember nature. Maddie, just in the tu-tu that I made for her.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun around the table

I love the idea of a large group of people sitting around the dining table- eating, drinking, enjoying eachother's company for hours on end. That is what always intrigues me about other cultures like in Italy or Spain.
That might be the reason why I love Thanksgiving so much, well... that and the desserts.

I'll be honest, from the time when dishes get sided to when the desserts come out seems like eternity to me- but I do love the anticipation!!  While waiting I feel like you should give your guests something to do. I have pulled some sites that offer some old school games that you can print out and add to your place settings. That way guests have their own fun things to do while waiting, just in case they need some distractions too, like me. :)




When we eat dinner, it's a family tradition to go around the table and share what you are most thankful for. Whether, it be a specific event that happened over the past year or something you have done or something someone did for you. It's just a feel good moment. Use this print out in your place setting too- have everyone fill it out sometime during dinner and share them before you slice that gorgeous pumpkin pie!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

Wow, there have been so many amazing blog posts lately about setting the Thanksgiving table and I have been inspired!!  But really, I cant look at any more burlap- is that the blogger bandwagon theme this year or what??!! So I put together a few inspiration boards to get you in the mood and to provide you a little bit a variety. I categorized my decor into three groups; Classic, Chic (a.k.a.-ultimate blogger style) and Rustic.
 I hope you like them.
I also made a few check lists to get your decorating juices flowing. And to cut your shopping time in half, since you already know what to pick up from Michaels or Hobby Lobby (my two favorite craft stores.)
Happy Decorating <3 xx


Pumpkins :: Gourds :: Fall leaves :: Red, green, brown colored ribbon :: Oxblood, red, and orange flowers Nutshell place cards :: Plaid table runner :: Metallic place settings :: Red cloth napkins :: Wooden napkin rings
 :: Tall candles ::

Chevron table runner :: Bright colored flowers :: Sparkle candles :: Ribbons to hold silverware and napkins together :: Hurricanes filled with fall leaves or cornhusks :: Floating candle holders :: Mismatched plates
Table confetti :: Holiday poppers/crackers


burlap table runner :: wheat :: pinecones :: twine :: neutral ribbons or raffia :: cranberries :: natural napkins ::  neutral plates :: branches

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Proper Way to Set Your Table

With T-minus 1 week and counting 'till official Turkey Day- I though it would be a good idea to share some prep work help to make it easier on the big day.
Use this cheat sheet the day of to ensure that your table is properly set. Simply adjust depending on your courses and dishes. Just trying to make your thanksgiving effortless..
xo cheers

Friday, November 9, 2012

get you weeked on


"instead of worrying so much about leaving a better planet for our children, we should focus on leaving better children to take care of our planet"

just thought I'd share this- I heard it the other day and it really hit home. I am a huge advocate for leaving a healthy planet for our future, but if we don't teach the youth of today about conservation then the planet will suffer regardless. and, on to another pick- me- up, the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is here!!  So this weekend your only homework is to shop.. shop... SHOP

On Sunday I will be going with my hunny to his first Niners game, even though he has been a die hard fan since he was a little boy. I got the ticket as a surprise for him and I hope they win!! Keep up with me on instagram to see what trouble we get into at the game on Sunday!! @devonfoster

boots 129 :: glasses 69.90 :: hinged bracelet 34.80 :: wrap 36.90 :: sparkle bracelet 86.98 :: bag 46.80 :: stacked bracelets 22.80

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here to Stay

Trends come and go as easily as the wind blows, does anyone remember when "babydoll" tops were the it look? Now, its all about sweaters paired over denim shirts. And I'm sure by Christmas every blogger will be featuring something totally new. So I did a little research and found some looks that I think are here to stay for the up coming Winter season. Of course outfit choices will be adjusted in order to incorporate new trends, but I think these closet staples will be sticking around for a bit longer than just a couple months.
See if you agree with my choices?
ciao xx








Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I Want Wednesday

This chilly weather is really starting to get to me... and I don't mean that in a bad way. Movies are way better when there is rain falling on the window next to where you sit. Soup tastes even more delicious when the temperature drops down low. And my afternoon walks are that much more enjoyable with the crisp air blowing past my face. Ya. I guess you could say I'm embracing the Fall weather, so here are some
pick-me-ups so that you can too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black and Brown ♥

Oh Black and Brown, how I love thee. This store is one of the best local vintage places you'll find in the South Bay.. I even know people from the City who make special trips to San Jose just for this shopping experience. They always offer a wide selection of all the current styles. Plus designer pieces and a great shoe collection. All the staff are super awesome!! You should go in and shop around.
{{I'm a bad influence}} They used to be located in a "under the stair" kind of shop over off of San Carlos, but moved to a larger venue on the Alameda. I feel like this is the new up and coming spot. For people who want to stay out late and skip the bar/club scene.. folks who just want to chill.

These are just a few finds I picked up recently. The top is Rory Beca, super good find, price and I love the green. The arrow necklace was picked up at a shop in Encinitas, near San Diego- I dont remember the name. And the earrings were a last minute chance as I was getting everything rung up the other night at the shop.
Lucky me

 all photos are courtesy of my man, Bobby Menbari.

 hippie braid
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