Saturday, September 29, 2012


its. gonna. be. HOT...
nothing too exciting happening in the Bay Area this weekend. So pack up a picnic, head to the beach, relax in the backyard, or open a bottle of wine.... because it's time to chill and enjoy the last days of the Summer weather.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

simply smile

Sunset in Canada

This past weekend was my mom's birthday and we went out to eat with them at one of her favorite restaurants. While we were sitting there, I couln't help but see the love that my parents had for each other radiating through their gaze. After all these years (thirty-something) and the up and downs that most couples face, raising two children and hanging wall paper [inside joke] they are still together. I hope that I reach that in my my life someday. Your life is filled with experiences that turn into memories. Someone once told me that "you know you've reached the half way point, when you share memories instead of drems."  I have too many dreams that have yet to be fulfilled and one is to one day open a restaurant in my neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhoods- I have good news regarding the Whole Foods in Downtown San Jose While I was shopping at the Campbell location they told me that once the Whole Body opens next month, estimating the 10th of October, they will begin work with the downtown location. That may or may not be finished by the end of 2013. It is also supposed to have a two story brewery that will stay open past the grocery shop hours. This will only make the area more attractive to shop owners. I hope to be open on that street one day, soon. So while I'm dreaming in my head and typing with my fingers, these are some of the things that are currently making me happy.

favorite color in bloom

fairytails come true in Victoria, British Columbia- vacationed the previous year

who doesn't love a little champs served in a red cup... or blue?

baking this little beauty

stealing my Mom's cookies

freshly squeezed orange juice- see below

British breakfast

unique decorations

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a trip to the theater: End of Watch

Went and saw End of Watch this weekend, and boy oh boy... was it good. Even though I'm uber sweet on the outside I can't pass up a real shoot 'um up thriller
This film delivered just that, It had enough guns, it had the laugh factor and the eye candy.. with none of the cheesy acting (like some "guy" movies have) So I would go check it out, it'll surprise you

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Prop]er Tarts

I am so excited for the start of Autumn. As you can see from here and here. But nothing gets me more in the mood than the food for fall. Everything becomes slow cooked and hearty. I feel like a stew or casserole becomes a staple at least once every week. When cold weather sets in, people find comfort in their meals. I am for sure one of those people. I have a list of slow cooker recipes I'm ready to try already and the thermostat outside still reads 80.. I'm delusional, but ready and determined for fall.

I have been trying out different breakfast recipes for the "on the go" type consumer. Of course my boyfriend serves as the perfect guinea pig- completely consensual. I tried looking up pop tart recipes online but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I finally settled on this site and chose to stuff my "prop tarts" [[ I like the name and thought of it as a proper breakfast in a tart version]] with broccoli, ground turkey and white cheddar. I also added rosemary to my crust and chia seeds on some- boyfriends request. I tried a sweet version with almond butter and banana chips- but I didn't think they came out well. I will have to work on that recipe a bit.

shots c/o @lenscaption

Thursday, September 20, 2012

breakfast at the park

went out for some b-fast the other day with my hunnys.
My guy made the best breakfast bagel sandwiches and obviously I was so tempted to eat it, I forgot to photograph it first. sooo... here is a half eaten sandwich for your viewing pleasure- hey, at least you have a better view of the inside. We brought along our
solar powered ipod dock, but the sky was too overcast to use it. I offered to sing, but that never goes over well. I have a little issue.. when I don't know the words in a song I sort of hum/mumble the lines that I'm missing.. it never sounds right but it always makes him laugh.

As you can see in the photo below, the fancy nail polish? That is the Sally Hansen
Nail Effects kit. I bought it on Saturday night and did nails with a friend, just like when you were ten. As far as a product review- I don’t think I would buy them again. I couldn’t figure out how to cut them to the right size for my nail bed and I felt like they didn’t adhere very well. The pros are that they come in amazing designs and amazing colors and they are CHEAP, only $10.. Plus I don't want to discredit the brand, it could be my fault that I didn't know how to apply them correctly. I really don't know how to "do nails" in general.
you should plan a picnic for the weekend, head out to your favorite park with a blanket.

nosh a bit.. snooze a bit.. perfect morning

obsessed with buttons at the moment

weeeeee... :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keep that Summatime shape

When winter rolls around, everyone is so busy being bundled up in coats and scarves to notice if you gained a pound or two. Even though you can fake it with a few extra layers to hide it- why not just switch up your workout routine so that you don't have to? I found this workout plan in the new issue of Shape Magazine that teaches you about minimal effort and maximum results..

Monday, September 17, 2012

Trending Fall

Question : How does a trend become a trend?
Answer : Some creative genius gets a little "outside-the-box" with their look, then shows it off confidently and everyone copies...

After such an exciting Fashion Week, I cant help but drool over some of the looks that will be here for Spring. But then I have to come back to reality and realize that I'm headed into Fall. With that being said..

These are some of the looks that I think will be big for Fall..

East Coast-esque classic duds + Cap Toe shoes

Patterned Pants + Rockin' Tweed Blazers ((style tip- add a faux flower to the lapel))

embroidery on everything + vintage glasses

peplums + pencil skirts
mixing girly pieces + tough leather looks

leather shorts + contrasting button- up blouses
trench coats + newsboy caps
(( love the color of this coat))

ciao xx

Friday, September 14, 2012

::get your weekend on::

The Bay Area is back and packed with a full weekend of fun events. A lot of things are happening close to Home, so if you live in the South Bay... get ready!
a nap sounds like a good idea
Hollister is having their Hot Cars and Guitars and it is being held at Bolado Park on Saturday the 15th. There will be a bunch of different Blues, Soul and Country artists performing throughout the day. And there will be a zillion (ok maybe not that many, but a ton) of classic hot rods, muscle cars, custom rides and smikin' trucks. Throw on your boots, bring your own beer koozie, and get ready to boogy!

Out in downtown this weekend if you head to the Sofa District you can check out  (e)merge- the Zero1 street festival tonight starting at 6:00pm. It is a street festival focused specifically on showcasing work by emerging artists! They are filling streets city blocks of the SoFA District along South 1st Street. Plus you can check out the other art galleries too! Great inspiration here people... & if you cant get out there tonight for the event... the artwork will remain up all weekend for your viewing pleasures.

It's no secret around here that I have fallen for wine, see here and here, and after a fun art and wine festival in Mountain View last weekend... lets do it again in Santa Clara at Central Park. The Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival will be held Saturday and Sunday and there will be over 175 vendors at the event.

Pleasanton will also be having their 40th Harvest Festival at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. This is a huge event and if you are into the little decorations and artsy items... there will be over 24,000 to choose from.

Little Saratoga has big things happening this Sunday with a Village Block Party and Grape Stomp. The event will have three stages with over 22 bands, dancers, some of the best wineries including Kathryn Kennedy, artisan beer, announcing Citizen of the Year, and lots of yummy gourmet food. Plus..[how cool is this] the master of ceremonies will be a robot!!

If you want to head over to the coast, you should hit up Santa Cruz for their Greek Festival... I don't know about you, but if I know there will be good Greek Food... I don't mind driving for it. And with a ton of different vendors to choose from, you're bound to find something you like. Aside from you regular line-up of drinks there will also be a taverna serving traditional Greek spirits. And after you feast enjoy your time while the Kafenio whips up authentic Greek Frappe in the traditional style of Greek cafes. YUM

And if you have tons of energy and want a little more activity than the other events, you should head to Foster City and enjoy their Community Bike Ride. It is happening on Sunday and the ride begins at Boothbay Park at 10:00am. Families and individuals are invited to participate in the annual 2.5 or get a little adventurous with the 11 mile ride.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

new New NEW {{2}} ♥

These shots are for the second half of my fun shopping day in the City. As I told you I went and checked out the Levi's store in Union Square and picked up some new denim duds. I fall into that category where my jeans never fit because my waist and my butt are two different sizes. I am a big fan of belts, so that I can avoid the back gap. With these... no problem. I got fitted and tried on only four pairs, 4! And I found the perfect ones. That never happens, usually I'm in the fitting room with a stack of 20... and I maybe find one.

I know Levi's might not be your first choice for denim, but you should pick up a pair just for the fit and they're only $70.. The denim shirt was a tug-of-war decision. should I get it? should I not? Which finally ended with me at the register handing over my credit card and then screaming wait! and then running back to grab it.... boy, am I happy I did. This top has been in full rotation lately. The Sperry's I got on sale for $70 from here.. a little bit of Summer to last me through the rest of the year.

shirt- BDG denim, jeans- Levis Curve ID, shoes- Sperry's, bag- Louis Vuitton
While I was at Zara, I also picked up this blouse... it is my favorite blue in the world, does anyone know the real name for it? I've heard cerulean, cobalt, klein... hmmm.. I decided to pair my new boots with this outfit, but I'm having a hard time deciding what else I could wear them with..

once again all images courtesy of this guy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

new New NEW ♥

I went shopping last week with this little lady 

I text her earlier in the week and asked if she would help me shop for Fall and teach me the ways of her people. So we first hit up the Levis store and I got fitted for a pair of their Curve ID jeans. Then we popped over to Zara and then to Urban Outfitters. Of course there were a few other stops along the way but those were the shops where I did the most damage. When Joanna asked what my spending limit was for the day.. [because she is such a nice friend, she was only looking out for my best interest]
I laughed.... I had no limit, I was ready to spend!!

This top was actually purchased in Vancouver, from the cutest vintage store (I forgot the name) but it went so well with my new Zara pants, I had to pull it out for my look.

Vintage Bow Blouse, pants- Zara, shoes- Steve Madden Luxe, bag- Chanel

I must admit that I completely fell in love with this top when Jacey wore it on her blog.. I had to snag one too! I feel like it would look great with some pinstriped pants, and killer black heels for a girls night out. I also could pair it with a dark toned banded skirt and keep the flats for running errands. Like my ode to Jenna Lyons with the black glasses. It seemed like the appropriate fit.
I'm also rockin' some very comfy jeans that I picked up [ON SALE] from Urban, only $40!

top- Zara, jeans- BDG, clutch- Balenciaga, flats- Steve Madden

A big thanks to Bobby Menbari for his amazing photography skills.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

attention foodies

Do you like to eat ?
Do you like to travel ?

You should read this.. and even if you know you won't be visiting Barcelona for the Foie Gras Raviolis or Dubai for their unbeatable Pad Thai... it's still a fun read. Plus, you can look up your favorite dishes to see the places that are well known for serving it... maybe a little extra incentive for traveling. Or you can do what I did and research the intriguing ones so you can host your own "feast of nations" dinner party.

Does anyone else think the description of Bangkok's Jok's Kitchen by Andrew Zimmern sound AH-mazing!!? What a fun little stop, but I guess it's not the place for spontaneity.. reservations are booked a month out??

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