Tuesday, December 15, 2015


So I got a second job, and I love it! 
San Jose has a great outdoor shopping area- Santana Row. It is designed to look like a European neighborhood, with shopping on the first floor and homes above the shops. There are some amazing restaurants and the entire setting is really casual but classy. I work at Anthropologie and it's great so far- It really allows me to dress how I like, it's so close to home and my team is so fun to work with. 
I think this relationship is going to last.

sweater- Banana Republic, plaid- Target (little boys section), pants- Urban Outfitters, boots- Urban Outfitters

These were taken while at work, just sipping on my coffee, enjoying the view. 
I wish I had gotten a close up of my socks for the day- 
they are bright blue with vinyl records all over them.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m sure there is all kinds of 
Holiday prep happening at your place.

Did you make up the menu and decide on your desserts? Have you chosen who’s eating at your house and whether you’re going to attempt Black Friday shopping?

There are a lot of decisions that go into making this Holiday a memorable one.
Since I’m sure you’ve being stressing and planning your menu, have you given any thought to your décor?
You can’t have your turkey dressed and not your table…

I’ve pulled a few designs that I hope will give you inspiration to create your own table décor, or give you guidance you were looking for.

Happy Thanksgiving

 Beauty all around You

I love the idea of using seasonal pumpkins for your centerpieces. The small or the medium size, or a mixture of both to add height and contrast. In the photos below the white pumpkins really pop against the colorful table runner. How pretty would they be if you painted them silver or gold. 

Keep it Simple

 For the more modern and minamilist household I suggest a less cluttered table and pick one item as a focal point. The tablecloth or table runner, the centerpieces, candals or the place settings. Go for bold colors on the big items, and classic white dining peices. 

Creativity is King

You can learn how to make these charming paper flowers, here. 
What a way to impress your guests, by giving them a beautiful hand crafted table centerpiece. A DIY tablescape cuts on cost and is a great conversation starter. I live the mix of colors; blush, periwinkle and the rosy orange. You can pick whatever colors match your home. Or mix it up a bit with patterened scrapbook paper. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New York- my style {{ Brooklyn Hipster }}

One of the things my boyfriend hates most about me is that I like to blog my fashion. While I was in New York I was totally tuned into the urban street vibe. Matching high and low end styles and making sure comfort was my #1 priority. 

When I think of the streets of New York I see dark alleys and brick and foggy streets. 

Much different than my regular bright California attire, I packed nothing but black and a bit of white for my trip. And this was one of my favorite outfits. edgy but tailored

Beanie: Brandy Melville, blouse: HM, jacket: Topshop, jeans: Joes, 
shoes: Nike, scarf: DSW ( I have it in cranberry also) 

beanie: Brandy Melville, scarf: DSW, blouse: H&M, jacket: Topshop, jeans: Joes, shoes: Nike

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

flying solo

Well , I successfully made it to New York and back to California!! My parents instilled in me from a young age, a love for flying. I went on my first international flight when I was only 6 months old. I've been to all parts of the world {one day, I will go to Japan :) } and they have educated me on the importance of being a savvy traveler. 

I am very independent- sometimes too much for my own good, but I've learned. I know how to take care of myself and I'm confident, which does take you far in life. 

This past week was my first big adventure, SOLO!! But the act of being prepared is so much different when you're alone, because there is no backup. Which I completely understand, but one doesn't fully grasp the concept until they are in the exact situation.

I managed to loose my headphones, spill my coffee (≧∇≦) take two round trip tours of the JFK airport via bus tram and almost end up in Queens- which I tried to play off as an impromptu sightseeing visit because I grew up watching "The Nanny" :: love that Fran Drescher!! 

It's ok :/ I didn't die!! 
And with that I'm sharing my MUST KNOW travel tips when flying solo. 


Whether it be your significant other, your sister, your Dad or your best friend, make sure that you have a few connections who know your route and destination. Check in with them with an airport selfie to let them know you made it safely. 


Unless you're going for business and need multiple outfits... Come on you are NOT even going to wear all those dresses and tops- you don't need options, you need to be creative! •try taking pictures of you in the different outfits as you pack.
•don't trust the weather app- bring a jacket and tank top, just in case.
•don't pack the "if I don't eat for a week, I look SO HOT in this" dress.. Just don't!  


The baggage carousel is no body's friend. If you can skip the extra bag you'll save yourself the headache and the extra $25 dollars and the hassle of standing in the line to check your bag in the first place. 


Seriously can't stress this enough.  You never know when your plastic card is going to poop out on you, the merchants card reader 
isn't going to be up and running or just plain "Cash Only". It doesn't have to be much,
{I work at a Financial Institution, I know the population's fear of being mugged} $30 should get you to your destination, all things considered. 


• Liquid of some sort- buy this after you go through airport security! Grab a water, tea, or juice for your air travel, the mini drinks they serve on the plane are gone in one sip. 
• Your chargers- Virgin America offers outlets under their seats, and this is an amazing. I'm not saying your phone or laptop is going to die in one plane ride, but it gives piece of mind that you're not landing with a 7% battery life. 
• bring a scarf with you. It works like a blanket too, and it's smaller so it fits and doesn't take up too much room in your purse, like a sweater would. 

beanie- Brandy Melville, jacket- Topshop, sweater- Ann Taylor, denim- Joes Jeans, boots- Steve Madden, bag- from Magic fashion in Las Vegas

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moms birthday Dinner

Some people hate birthdays. Some people like to shout it from the mountain tops.
When I was younger, I used to love birthdays. But now as I get older and my friends get less and less.. I hate them. I don't even want to celebrate next year.

But that's not cool... so, I would like to share a piece of advice so you don't act like a Debbie Downer. You should try celebrating your happiest birthday each year. And for those of us who wish for eternal youth.. just celebrate your 21st or 25th each year and you're bound to feel young every time. 

My Mom's birthday was this week and we celebrated at home on Sunday. 
She likes to celebrate her 27th birthday, every year.

She asked for spaghetti and chocolate cake, and my father, sister and I obliged. Above, are the delicious appetizers my sister put together.  I never know how she can turn something so basic into something so extraordinary. Its a gift, I tell ya!
We tried a new pasta dish, bucatini, and really let the pasta sauce carry the plate, fresh fresh fresh
The sauce filled the center hole, which caused a flavor explosion in your mouth with every bite. 
Look at that garden grown basil and robust Roma tomatoes :)

I was on dessert duty, and I try not to disappoint.
I went for my mothers favorite.. a classic chocolate fudge cake. 

[[ bake tip ]] If you're running late, don't feel bad for using a box cake mix. These companies are in business for a reason. Out of all the brands out there; Duff Goldman (gourmet) Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and good old Pillsbury.. Dunkin Hines is always receives the most compliments- so start there.

I never make a chocolate cake with chocolate cake mix, I always choose Devils Food cake mix and add my own Vanilla Extract (this is my FAVORITE brand and flavor!!).
I find that it's not too sweet, and it balances well with the chocolate fudge frosting. 

spin the cake and throw on your sprinkles, it adds just the right amount of flair, 
without looking  perfect.
and I don't like when food looks too pretty to eat..  

ciao xo

Friday, September 11, 2015

They Did <3

September Fifth。Two thousand fifteen。 

Since I've known this girl since second grade, I feel like she isn't the type to lie. Kristina Elmasu is one of the most sincere, loving and creative people, one could know..

So as she stood at the alter, under the beautiful painted ceiling, promising to love this man with all of her might, forever and ever.. I believed her. She isn't the type to fib. 

I tell you, she and Matt are adorable. From their partner yoga poses to their always positive souls, this couple is meant to be and mirrors each other perfectly. 

Congratulations to a hundred more years!! Xo

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

sights from the sea shore

Seabright beach might be my favorite Santa Cruz spot. With a dog friendly coastline and a great beach, I like that it's large enough still have some seclusion between sites. Bonfires at night are fun and the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is a 20 minute walk away. Good views for photos and a peaceful afternoon are all I require for a trip to the beach. Maddie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

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