Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ring around the rosey

glasses- Dior, top- Lauren Conrad, rings and skirt- vintage from Black and Brown, watch- Michael Kors, shoes- MIA, sweater- Target, necklace- Vintage c/o

I am fully obsessed with these knuckle rings, but I am having the hardest time finding them at any local shops. I first got my "love" ring while I was on this trip with my sister. I was delighted and I get compliments on it all the time.

Well, San Jose-ians I am thoroughly pleased to inform you that Black and Brown now carries the adorable rings in all different designs and metals. Swing by and pick some up. And while you're there, check out their collection of amazing vintage finds; purses, shoes, and dresses always top my list.

 Store Hours are
Mon- Sat 11am- 8pm
Sun 12pm -7pm

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

steal or splurge

Lately, I have been obsessed with stripes, sweaters, boots and lace.. ya, I have been  But with style always changing I'm not sure if I should try and save on some current looks? or should I spend on something that I will keep for a while? oh decisions, decisions..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

style stalker

So last week when I was at my HR conference, I couldn't help but find some stylish ladies and ask to take their outfit pictures. They both were dressed so hawt, that I had to feature them on the blog. Sorry to say, but most of the attendees looked... umm, not so great.. Which also helped them stand out among the crowds. After an impromptu photo shoot, I found out that Katherine (striped blazer) also writes a fashion blog- Couture and Chai. You need to see the adorable teacup pig, seriously the cutest. It gives new meaning to the term pocket pet. Cassie was also a great model and let me obsess over her pants for a good five minutes, and then I died when she told me they were from Kohl's??!! Thanks again ladies for letting me stalk your style. xo

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

suited up

With my vacation right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to pull some swimwear inspiration for my suitcase. I am horrible at making decisions and can't pick just one... A one piece is great for beach play, a triangle 2 piece is great for tanning and a bandeau looks great paired with any Caftan.
what is your favorite?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

wants on wednesday (vacation)

My wants on Wednesday consist of tropical drinks, effortless outfits, fun in the sun and a little adventure. What vacations do you plan on taking this season?
Happy Summer!! xo

All Shoes Vince Camuto (sale!!)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

what's up with your down dog?

I have been practicing yoga for many years now and I can't stress enough about the positive changes it has made to my life. Over the years I have mellowed out from my once "hot temper" and I have learned to let thingsgo or just have them roll off my back. Which is so important in this day and age, because we as humans are wound so tight and constantly on the move.. it's important to learn to self detox from the stress of everyday life. If you haven't tried a yoga class (it doesn't have to be hot yoga) maybe reading the benefits below will jump start your motivation.

1. Weight loss
Bikram Yoga is excellent for weight loss. Your digestive system and metabolism will improve, normalizing your appetite and diminishing unhealthy cravings. Your fat will turn into muscle as you develop muscle tone and strength. Warm muscles burn fat more easily as the heat flushes and detoxifies the body. Bikram yoga is known for burning anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories a session. The harder you work in class the more calories you will burn. Your cardiovascular system is worked and strengthened therefore, the more weight loss benefits you will receive. You may see and feel immediate results. You will naturally begin to start eating less and make better food choices.
2. Arthritis
Many students experience quick relief from arthritis after only a few classes of Bikram Yoga. A combination of the heat and the moving, twisting, extending and compressing of every joint can alleviate arthritis.  A regular practice is necessary for continued relief.
3. Blood Pressure
Unstable high blood pressure can respond very quickly to a regular Bikram Yoga practice. Consult your doctor and don’t push too hard for your first few classes. If you are tested about a week after starting Yoga, you may see a slight rise in pressure. Don’t be alarmed. By the second week, that pressure will be normal or close to normal and will stay there as long as you continue your yoga regimen. Many students who maintain a regular practice are able to stop taking blood pressure medication.
4. Back Pain
Bikram Yoga has helped countless numbers of people with back pain, stiff necks, headaches, scoliosis, herniated disks and many other back problems.  The Bikram Yoga series is designed to work the spine in every direction with many beneficial backbends, creating a healthy spine and thus a healthy nervous system. Make sure to tell your instructor what type of back pain you suffer from in case modifications are necessary.
5. Skin and Beauty
Watch your face and skin develop “the Bikram glow” as your eyes become brighter and your skin becomes more clear and soft. As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned allowing natural lanolin to release through the pores, softening and preserving your skin’s elasticity. “I feel so CLEAN inside and out, and my skin is so SOFT I don’t need moisturizer anymore!” is a student’s comment. Faces in general change expression from looking disturbed and frustrated to looking full of life and happiness. As your body detoxifies, you may eventually never need deodorant again!
6. DiabetesBikram yoga can be a perfect complement to the lifestyle changes necessary to help keep diabetic symptoms in check.  Recent research has found that performing these postures on a regular basis can decrease blood-sugar levels.  A dedicated Bikram Yoga student, who lost 50 pounds without dieting, healed his chronic back problems and no longer needed his diabetic medication after practicing Bikram Yoga for 6 months. He tells his story in the book “Diabetic Always, Insulin No More.”                             
7. Stress & Anxiety Management – Bikram’s guru Bishnu Gosh said “Mental stress and strain is the cause of all diseases, even infectious ones.” When performing the 26 postures and two breathing exercises, the fight-or-flight response is turned off and a feeling of balanced well-being is replaced. A regular practice can lower cortisol levels, calm the mind, increase mental clarity and release and reduce stress and tension.
8. Depression – On those days when you don’t feel like doing anything, going to Bikram Yoga class is key. You just have to show up and the yoga takes care of the rest.  After each session your mind will become more balanced and depression will be lifted. The more you practice, the better you will feel. Many students come off antidepressants and other medications after establishing a regular Bikram Yoga practice.
9. Breathing problems – Asthma, Allergies, Respiratory ProblemsBikram Yoga will be good for your breathing problems in several ways. The heat promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves, and you can work with as much intensity as appropriate for your needs. Bikram Yoga will relax your mind and help let go of tensions, toxins and negativity. It strengthens your heart and lungs, improving your lung function. You will breathe easier and deeper than you ever have before.
10. Balancing Emotions
Bikram Yoga helps balance the emotions in several ways. Physiologically a regular practice harmonizes the nervous and endocrine systems – two systems which play a large part in emotional well-being. Practicing Bikram Yoga cultivates the mental faculties of faith, self-control, concentration, determination, and patience. As we become more aware of our inner life, we notice how events, interactions, and even the atmospheric pressure can affect us. As we become more aware, we exercise better choices in our responses. This helps us balance our emotional life.
11. Cholesterol
Many of our male students here in Memphis have come off their cholesterol medication from a regular Bikram Yoga practice. Your circulation increases allowing blood to flow throughout your body cleansing and clearing your arteries.
12. Thyroid regulation
Many of the postures in Bikram Yoga compress and work the thyroid thus helping to regulate the gland balancing thyroid levels. Along with thyroid regulation comes increased energy, weight loss and better metabolism.
13. Anti-Aging / Preventative Medicine
Bikram Yoga acts as anti-aging and preventative medicine keeping the body young and healthy. “Yoga maintains youth long. It keeps the body full of vitality, immune to diseases, even at old, old age. The Yogi never becomes old”. -Bishnu Ghosh
more info can be found from their website

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th

Get too much sun, enjoy time with your friends and family, have an amazing backyard BBQ, make smores, stay up way too late, watch the fireworks, live, love life, enjoy.

Went to the Fourth of July parade this morning and rocked the red lip as I sipped my green tea chai from crema coffee shop.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beat the Heat

1. Go enjoy a Hawaiian shave ice- 
Banana Crepe (my fav) 
Jimbos (Bonus- they import mochi from Oahu too)

2. See a movie during the day and enjoy the AC.
plus matinee movies are cheaper.
Some on my list to see are-

World War Z (thriller)
The Heat (funny)
White House Down (eye candy)
Now You See Me (suspense)

3. Enjoy dinner outside at a fun restaurant 
some of my favorite spots with great patios are-

Mezcal (Authentic Mexican)
Naglee Park Garage (American fare)
Good Karma Vegan Cafe (vegan & great beer selection)
Habana Cuba (very traditional and healthy)

4. Check out a Water Park in the area

5. Make an easy summer salad
(that way you don't have to cook in a hot kitchen)

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