Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bloody Brownies

I made something yummy over the weekend. I was test driving a Halloween recipe that I want to have for my party at work. . 

I thought they were delicious, especially with a little vanilia frozen yogurt on top.

 I was flipping through Emilys blog and saw the recipe there. But it originally came from here...

Usually when I'm making a recipe for the first time- I try not to tweak the ingredients list too much... for fear that they won't turn out well. This time around the only changes I made was the use of whole wheat flour and low fat cream cheese.

 Nobody even cared or asked about a difference in taste, winner winner!!

I love when I can substitue healthy iems to make a recipe even better. I give these Bloody Brownies two very enthusiastic thumbs up and I hope you enjoy them for all your Halloween spookiness too.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

sk8 high

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of accompanying Carlos from DTAfoto 
(who has the most wicked VW bus I have ever seen) over the hill to the beach. 

We grabbed a couple beers and some sour candy and went to play by the water for a bit. Sand, palm trees and the smell of salty air remind me so much of my childhood, my mom... just happiness in general.

It's really the only place in the world where I feel completely whole.
always a California girl I guess... <3

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wants on wednesday

Fall has been trying to take over here in California, but the heat refuses to leave the party. 

In anticipation of all things cozy, I can't help but pick a few pieces that help get me into the fall spirit. Bold patterns, burgundy, boots and seat heaters... pumpkin spice. 

I'm ready for the rainy nights,scarves and baking.. that's probably what I look forward to. 

Thinking about taking a trip to New York in December.. I have always wanted to visit the city when it's all dressed up for the Holidays. 

Maybe it was one too many viewings of 'Home Alone 2".. 

either way it will be nice to get away and really embrace the real winter elements.. 

like I referenced earlier- California doesn't see much of that.  





Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashion Week Favorites

Paris Fashion week is always near the end of September. The gowns and suits and ready to wear are always my favorite looks. I compiled a little inspiration collection from some of my favorite designers, for your viewing pleasure.

 Vivienne Westwood

Tom Ford

Miu Miu

 Alexander McQueen




Friday, October 3, 2014

get your weekend on

435 S. Market st
San Jose Convention Center
tickets- $5.00

This is the biggest Ramen festival in the United States!! If you like to slurp- this is your playgroud. The website even advises you to come to the show hungry. BYOC (bring your own chopsticks)

Friday October 3,2014 7:00pm

This is a great event that takes place in the SOFA district of downtown San Jose. All the art galleries open their doors so you can grab a beer or glass of wine and walk around enjoying the last of the summer weather.

My friend Patrick's art show will be at the Kaleid Gallery tonight. I'll be there supporting his recent endeavor- The Art is Power Blackboard Project. Check him out and show your support!

Sunday October 5, 2014 11-6pm
18th street at Castro, San Francisco

Artists, street performers, vendors and craftsmen line the street with all their wares. Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend in the city, while strolling down the street and enjoying the arts. 

Saturday October 4 2-5pm
1346 Saratoga Dr, San Mateo
tickets $20

Located at the event center, your ticket buys you over 20 tastings as well as live music provided my KFOX. The VIP section will include complimentary food and there will be different games and activities offered. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

fitness tips for after dark

So since the clocks will be changing, our daylight in the evenings will be decreasing.
It is important to stay aware of some safety precautions. 

Since we are all hard working women (or men) we have to sneak our fitness in when we can. Which sometimes forces us to workout after dark. 

With that in mind I'm sharing 5 tips to stay safe. 

Be Reflective
If you want to be visible during the dim hours, wear fluorescent colors. They're effective because they reemit light at longer wavelengths, making the material brighter than the brain expects. And because our brains are designed to identify human movement, having something reflective on various points of motion will help a driver see you from far away... just don't forget your sides!

Buddy Up
Being in a group makes you more visible to approaching cars and less tempting to a mugger or attacker. Plus, extra eyes can help spot potholes, roots, or other obstacles. Make a date with a friend!! And if you don't have friends, check out this site for a running buddy in your area. 

Skip the Earbuds
Music has been shown to improve workout efficiency, effort, and endurance, but it also distracts you. If you can't live without your music? use only one earbud and keep your volume low. 

Pack Wisely
Bringing a charged cell phone seems like a no-brainer, but you should also always carry your identification and an emergency contact number. 

Practice Precaution
Low light, rush hour, and a roadside workout can be a recipe for trouble. Stay on sidewalks and streets with bike lanes or wide shoulders. Be most careful at crosswalks and intersections, and pay extra attention to cars as they turn.. remember they are looking for traffic, not always you. 

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