Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Devon's Dish

A new spot I tried in downtown San Jose last night for my Dad's birthday..
yes, I will be coming back.
The establishment itself was charming. An old house converted into a restaurant, with a classic red brick walk way leading to a perfect southern style wrap around porch. Outdoors there is plenty of seating especially around the stage which invites bands, solo artists and even open mic night participants (which is what we witnessed last night).
The menu is extensive, to say the least. The list of classic New Orleans dishes will leave your head spinning. But from the sound of things, you can't pick a wrong meal. Most known for the "po' boys" I would probably start there if you are having trouble deciding.
The spicy bbq sauce is good on EVERYTHING, order a side of that. The gumbo is rich and full of spicy flavor goodness. The sandwiches are bigger thank your head and the cornbread is a perfect example of southern hospitality.   
Order your food, grab a beer (plenty to pick from) and snag a seat outside in front of the music. Take a mini vacation to New Orleans, right in the middle of downtown San Jose.

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