Saturday, June 6, 2015

Drakes Brewery

Adventuring the other week led Robert and I to this little gem. Located in the Bay Area, more specifically San Leandro.. Is Drakes Brewery. My guy and I are fond of a few of their favors, but have always been interested in what else they have to offer. 

I decided on four favors, which I've never had before. The Black Rubusto, the 7x70, the Trappistito, and the Bavarian style Hefewiezen. 

Which just happened to work out well, since I brought my Bavarian with me ;) 

Out of the four, I enjoyed the Hefe and the Porter the best. The sharp, clean taste of the Hefewiezen was perfect for a warm day in California. The Porter was thick but not heavy, and the flavor out the end just bounced off your tastebuds. 

                       C H E E R S x o 
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