Wednesday, October 1, 2014

fitness tips for after dark

So since the clocks will be changing, our daylight in the evenings will be decreasing.
It is important to stay aware of some safety precautions. 

Since we are all hard working women (or men) we have to sneak our fitness in when we can. Which sometimes forces us to workout after dark. 

With that in mind I'm sharing 5 tips to stay safe. 

Be Reflective
If you want to be visible during the dim hours, wear fluorescent colors. They're effective because they reemit light at longer wavelengths, making the material brighter than the brain expects. And because our brains are designed to identify human movement, having something reflective on various points of motion will help a driver see you from far away... just don't forget your sides!

Buddy Up
Being in a group makes you more visible to approaching cars and less tempting to a mugger or attacker. Plus, extra eyes can help spot potholes, roots, or other obstacles. Make a date with a friend!! And if you don't have friends, check out this site for a running buddy in your area. 

Skip the Earbuds
Music has been shown to improve workout efficiency, effort, and endurance, but it also distracts you. If you can't live without your music? use only one earbud and keep your volume low. 

Pack Wisely
Bringing a charged cell phone seems like a no-brainer, but you should also always carry your identification and an emergency contact number. 

Practice Precaution
Low light, rush hour, and a roadside workout can be a recipe for trouble. Stay on sidewalks and streets with bike lanes or wide shoulders. Be most careful at crosswalks and intersections, and pay extra attention to cars as they turn.. remember they are looking for traffic, not always you. 

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