Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fashion

I think there are a lot of women who look forward to Fall style, because they love to layer. In the Summer, I layer necklaces and rings to make up for the layers of clothes I'm not wearing.

Autumn is a time for collard shirts and pull over sweaters, 
knee high socks and tall boots, scarves and beanies.

I'm predicting some very good trends for Fall, 
Here is what made my lust list.

60's style is back at it- bright colors and prints, plus pattern mixing is a must! 
Everyone should just go ahead and turn into a ball of wool- buy chunky sweaters and make them huge. 
The Norse print is going to be big just like the lumberjacks who wear them. If the print is too over powering try it on a backpack or hat. 
Turtle necks are very chic for fashion and I think the bigger the better. 
That black western hat is not saying goodbye just yet.. and neither is it's trendy military friend either, keep them close ;)

If you don't know what Lugs are, click here.. 
As far as colors, you can thank that Frozen chick.. ICE BLUE will be FIRE for Fall
Houndstooth and checks were once reserved for nerds only, now they're all over the runways and I like it. 
Maybe it's cause I'm a nerd, but I think you should buy a bow blouse in either print.. just saying. 

Lastly, Fall is for staying cozy. Rock your favorite sneakers and *pop that pep in your step.

metallic beanie $40 :: flat top hat $50 :: poncho $80
Vans $60 :: MAC Lips $16 top- Lingering Kiss, bottom- Violetta 

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