Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moms birthday Dinner

Some people hate birthdays. Some people like to shout it from the mountain tops.
When I was younger, I used to love birthdays. But now as I get older and my friends get less and less.. I hate them. I don't even want to celebrate next year.

But that's not cool... so, I would like to share a piece of advice so you don't act like a Debbie Downer. You should try celebrating your happiest birthday each year. And for those of us who wish for eternal youth.. just celebrate your 21st or 25th each year and you're bound to feel young every time. 

My Mom's birthday was this week and we celebrated at home on Sunday. 
She likes to celebrate her 27th birthday, every year.

She asked for spaghetti and chocolate cake, and my father, sister and I obliged. Above, are the delicious appetizers my sister put together.  I never know how she can turn something so basic into something so extraordinary. Its a gift, I tell ya!
We tried a new pasta dish, bucatini, and really let the pasta sauce carry the plate, fresh fresh fresh
The sauce filled the center hole, which caused a flavor explosion in your mouth with every bite. 
Look at that garden grown basil and robust Roma tomatoes :)

I was on dessert duty, and I try not to disappoint.
I went for my mothers favorite.. a classic chocolate fudge cake. 

[[ bake tip ]] If you're running late, don't feel bad for using a box cake mix. These companies are in business for a reason. Out of all the brands out there; Duff Goldman (gourmet) Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and good old Pillsbury.. Dunkin Hines is always receives the most compliments- so start there.

I never make a chocolate cake with chocolate cake mix, I always choose Devils Food cake mix and add my own Vanilla Extract (this is my FAVORITE brand and flavor!!).
I find that it's not too sweet, and it balances well with the chocolate fudge frosting. 

spin the cake and throw on your sprinkles, it adds just the right amount of flair, 
without looking  perfect.
and I don't like when food looks too pretty to eat..  

ciao xo

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