Tuesday, October 6, 2015

flying solo

Well , I successfully made it to New York and back to California!! My parents instilled in me from a young age, a love for flying. I went on my first international flight when I was only 6 months old. I've been to all parts of the world {one day, I will go to Japan :) } and they have educated me on the importance of being a savvy traveler. 

I am very independent- sometimes too much for my own good, but I've learned. I know how to take care of myself and I'm confident, which does take you far in life. 

This past week was my first big adventure, SOLO!! But the act of being prepared is so much different when you're alone, because there is no backup. Which I completely understand, but one doesn't fully grasp the concept until they are in the exact situation.

I managed to loose my headphones, spill my coffee (≧∇≦) take two round trip tours of the JFK airport via bus tram and almost end up in Queens- which I tried to play off as an impromptu sightseeing visit because I grew up watching "The Nanny" :: love that Fran Drescher!! 

It's ok :/ I didn't die!! 
And with that I'm sharing my MUST KNOW travel tips when flying solo. 


Whether it be your significant other, your sister, your Dad or your best friend, make sure that you have a few connections who know your route and destination. Check in with them with an airport selfie to let them know you made it safely. 


Unless you're going for business and need multiple outfits... Come on you are NOT even going to wear all those dresses and tops- you don't need options, you need to be creative! •try taking pictures of you in the different outfits as you pack.
•don't trust the weather app- bring a jacket and tank top, just in case.
•don't pack the "if I don't eat for a week, I look SO HOT in this" dress.. Just don't!  


The baggage carousel is no body's friend. If you can skip the extra bag you'll save yourself the headache and the extra $25 dollars and the hassle of standing in the line to check your bag in the first place. 


Seriously can't stress this enough.  You never know when your plastic card is going to poop out on you, the merchants card reader 
isn't going to be up and running or just plain "Cash Only". It doesn't have to be much,
{I work at a Financial Institution, I know the population's fear of being mugged} $30 should get you to your destination, all things considered. 


• Liquid of some sort- buy this after you go through airport security! Grab a water, tea, or juice for your air travel, the mini drinks they serve on the plane are gone in one sip. 
• Your chargers- Virgin America offers outlets under their seats, and this is an amazing. I'm not saying your phone or laptop is going to die in one plane ride, but it gives piece of mind that you're not landing with a 7% battery life. 
• bring a scarf with you. It works like a blanket too, and it's smaller so it fits and doesn't take up too much room in your purse, like a sweater would. 

beanie- Brandy Melville, jacket- Topshop, sweater- Ann Taylor, denim- Joes Jeans, boots- Steve Madden, bag- from Magic fashion in Las Vegas

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