Friday, June 7, 2013

recap snaps

Going to Portland for Memorial Day weekend was such a fun trip. Sorry it took me so long to get the photos up, my blog was making everything miniature for some reason? My sister and I got some great bonding time in and we were able to relax our minds from work and life. The change of weather from heatwaves to rainstorms was different to say the least..  Our mini vacation felt so much longer, because we were able to fit so many adventures into it. Some of our standard favorites- like cupcake testing and shopping. Some new ones- like beer tasting in downtown and trying an unusual pickle peanut butter sandwich (not advised!!). Plus the amazing Bloc Party concert at the Crystal Ballroom, it was unbelievable and so memorable. They haven't played a show in the States for over 5 years and they played all three of my favorite songs. #bliss. Untill we meet again Portland. xo

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