Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who are you ♥

A good article I came across the other day on Elite Daily about the different kinds of girls that a guy should be marrying. Funny, it wasn't the club rats who parade around in dresses that are 4 sizes to small and mouths that run on forever. Take a gander... So, if you re a girl and you have aspirations in life, read the profiles and find out what kind of chick you are {{or should be}}. If you're a dude, read the profiles and identify which girl you should be trying to pick up on for proper wifey material. <3
The 30-Year-Old With The Graduate School Degree
This girl took the initiative to further her education, and wants to make something of herself career wise. She’s a hard worker and she chooses to work hard on her own. She is independent and she is the perfect alpha woman. It’s one thing to go to a four-year university and graduate with a degree and get a successful job. Trust me, I commend anyone that does that and encourage all of you to do so.
The thing about a graduate of graduate school that intrigues me is that they knew that it would mean more work and less partying. Not many people are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to further their education. I like a girl like this because you know that she’s smart, you know that she has drive, and you know that she’ll keep you stimulated. She is the furthest thing away from that club whore you usually hang out with that is most likely blown out down there by now.

The Best Of Both Worlds
The perfect girl. She’s smart, she reads during her free time, but watches shitty television. She loves to shop and present herself well but feels most comfortable with her feet up on the coffee table, drinking a few beers, watching the game with the guys. This girl can laugh at stupid girly nonsense but can still take a joke when the guys she’s friends with try to bust her balls.
I want guys to end up with a girl like this, because I feel like they’ll never be bored. They’ll get the sexiness and femininity that they crave along with a best friend, because relationships almost never work if you’re not friends with your significant other. My parents have been married for 25 years and still chase each other around the house and play tag and that’s because my mom is a down ass bitch who loves Led Zeppelin and stilettos. Oh shit, I called my mom a bitch, that’s offending feminists, right? Sorry I’m not.
The best of both worlds is truly what it means. It’s the girl that will pig out with you on burgers and hotdogs but still be so hot about it. She may even know how to play Madden. This is the girl that will go and buy beer and steak for you and your friends during man night. There is nothing like being with a girl that is just down with everything.

The Girl Who’s Got Her Own
Just like the annoyingly catchy Ne-Yo song says. The girl who’s completely independent. She wants you but she sure as hell doesn’t need you. She’s educated, she has a job, she pays her bills on time, buys all of her own shit, completely takes care of herself and is more than happy with her life. You want to go out with your guys? Cool, do that, she’ll call you tomorrow, cause she’ll be out doing her own thing.
A girl like this is an absolute keeper. She can be in a relationship, but she doesn’t need you to take care of her because she can take care of you. What guy wouldn’t want this? It’s borderline terrifying when a girl absolutely needs you in her life to make her happy.
So Elite Daily, that’s who I would want my brothers or my good guy friends ending up with. I know what some of you are thinking, “girls like this don’t exist.” I hear it every day in these offices, but guess what, they do. They exist and I’d much rather all of the men out there wait and find one, instead of wasting their time on a girl who doesn’t respect herself. Some may say these girls are unicorns and don’t exist, but I beg to differ, try looking in the right places and not the club you frequently visit.
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