Tuesday, September 30, 2014

recap snaps and restaurant review

My Mom had a wonderful birthday this past weekend. On Saturday we went out to breakfast at this amazing breakfast joint- Sandy's 

This place was pure bliss; from the decor, to the service to the owner being a total sweetheart.. don't even get me started on the food. I had the best veggie omelet 
with extra avocado. 

My dad gave the thumbs up for his pancakes..
Here's the back story.. So my Dad will order the same exact breakfast meal anywhere we go, this is his way to measure the quality and taste of the food. He says if I order the same meal, I have  something to compare it to. Well, I saw the sparkle in his eye after he took his first bite.. needless to say we will be returning.

my parents are pretty goofy

We also went out for dinner on Sunday to Paesanos in downtown San Jose. A classic Italian joint located in the Little Italy neighborhood. 

halibut piccata, YUM!!

The accordion player who greets you when you first walk in, the art and vibe of the restaurant all add to its authenticity. The menu is full of  classic Italian fare- from veal, chicken and lamb chops to multiple pasta entrees and if you re lucky to go on a night when they offer their fresh cheese appetizer.. trust me you'll be in heaven. Everything is made fresh to order, so don't come here and expect to get out in under an hour.

A charming little joint I highly recommend to anyone looking to escape reality 
for just a few hours.

Mom making a wish

my sister and her boyfriend

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