Tuesday, June 18, 2013

young san francisco

I feel like I am finally appreciating all the things that San Francisco has to offer. The drive from San Jose is quite pleasant and that first peak of the skyline as you make that last turn, always gets my excitement up. Lately the City has been such a fun place to go and explore. I feel like going to explore the city from a tourist perspective is completely different than if you were to go with a local. I do love yelp, but it can only get you so far before you start craving more diversity. I have met some really cool cats who live up there. And I have started to see the city with new eyes. I have been to a few spots that I will want to check out again. My photos were captured on a surprisingly sunny day in The City. But, hopefully now that Summer is here, I will get to enjoy many more days like this. xo

On my list of places I want to go are:

Foreign Cinema- They are featuring The Artist, which is a movie I have been wanting to see since it was in theaters last year. The concept of this restaurant is very whimsical, being that you get to dine and catch a flick at the same time. 

Chantal Guillon Macarons- These petite sandwich cookies are the talk of the town right now. They are available in a wide range of flavors and are gluten free (win //win) 
Previous favs have been; basil + strawberry, salted caramel and vanilla + rose.. I'll have to see how this little shop stacks up!

AQ- Women tend to choose a bottle of wine based on the label, I think a restaurant should be no different. First, you should know that I am a sucker for anything with exposed brick. That paired with the views of the interior and the dishes people have instagramed, only heightens my need to go there. 

vintage.. come to mama

new Kate Spade watch.
 I have been on the hunt for a gold with black face for close to 4 months now. 

Who doesn't love a Ouija board? 

Susie Cakes... need I say more?

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