Tuesday, April 15, 2014

a New York minute

The bigger the City, the bigger the adventure.

glasses- Ray Bans, shirt- Mi Amore, jeans- Joes Jeans, boots- Vince Camuto, jacket- Banana Republic, bag- LV

My trip to the big apple was just what the doctor ordered. I got to enjoy lots of sights, conversations with strangers, architecture, food, exercise, new experiences (AHEM, the subway) and quality time with my girlfriend, Erin. 

I have known this chick for over 15 years- we met going to a Jessica Simpson concert in the 7th grade. Little did I know, years later we'd be trotting around the streets of New York..dodging taxi cabs and pastrami sandwiches (le sigh* ...She's vegan) 

But I guess, I'll just have to go back for the pizza another trip. 

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