Tuesday, April 22, 2014

recap snaps ♥ NYC

I didn't realize I took so many pictures..
I need to throw two editions of recap snaps  up on the blog {one today, one tomorrow} 


When asked about my most memorable experience from New York, I think it would have to be one of the times we rode the subway. 

Erin was getting very "hangry" ((see definition here)) and there was an elderly man playing a violin on the platform. Now, all Erin could focus on was the idea of not passing out from malnourishment  AND getting on the next tram out of the station. She turned to me with crazy eyes and said, that she was going to kill the violinist by shoving his stick down his throat.  

Funny now that I think back. :)

 I hope you enjoy my shots from around the city. 

L I T T L E       I T A L Y

C E N T R A L     P A R K

B I R T H D A Y    B R E A K F A S T

V E G A N   S U S H I  (not bad)

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