Thursday, October 6, 2016

Devon's Dish: [[ FORTHRIGHT OYSTER BAR ]] restaurant review

 wow wOw WOW... not enough time in the day for all the good things I have to say about this place!!!

Forthright Oyster Bar in Campbell Ca is simply smashing!!

I dined here this past weekend, a new spot in town and had to try it. I ate at A.P. Stumps growing up, and always enjoyed that "high class//modern" atmosphere  that it held.. 
I have always been drawn to that sort of vibe.

Good news, Jim Stump decided to open up shop in Campbell with his newest gem, and continues to own The Table in Willow Glen. read more about that here. 

We were able to try a few different appetizers,  including; the bone marrow, the heirloom tomato & burrata salad, the white watermelon & prosciutto salad, and the The Coromandel oysters. Thankfully we shared all of this, so everyone got a bite. The marrow bones were HUGE and very rich. The seasoning and caramelized crisp along with the crunchy bread was a served along side, was a perfect combination. My favorite as the oyster. They had a clean and fresh ocean taste, I added a splash of citrus for a little extra zest. The watermelon was given to us as a thank you, because we had to wait a little longer for our table. How Sweet!

For dinner, I enjoyed "The only Burger that belongs on the table"- yes that is truly the name. Apparently it is a rotating recipe noted by the name of the creator. I had Chris' Version- nice work Chris! The Swiss cheese crisp was a nice contrast of texture with every bite. The pastrami and the beef paired well with the "secret sauce"... over all I would order it again- but only if I can time it right..

Others in my party enjoyed the: Johnny Cakes, Pork Chop, Shrimp & Grits and the Seafood Linguine pasta. I tried a taste of each and would 100% recommend them to the next guest who walks through their door. I honestly don't think there is a bad dish on the menu??

I will return to Forthright, but it's the amazing service and hospitality that truly made the experience memorable. Our server was a doll, so attentive and delightful to talk to. Every other employee was courteous and inviting as well.  

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