Friday, October 14, 2016

sweater weather 2016

I'm a BIG FAN of  fashion... if you couldn't tell already. But did you know that fashion 
doesn't have to be expensive?? 

Since today is the first rainy day of the season here in California, in honor I've found the coziest styles in EVERY price point! 
From $15 to $100, I've got you covered this sweater season. 

1) Target skull sweater $18 2) Zara cropped-jacquard-sweater $50
 3) Nordstrom cold shoulder sweater $60 4) H&M Flouncy ribbed knit $40 
5) J Crew turtleneck stripe sweater $90 6 Anthropologie Puppy Pullover $88
  7) Windsor Store Burgundy Oversized Knit Tunic $30
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