Wednesday, October 12, 2016


glasses: Celine, top: Vintage, overalls: Forever 21 (similar here), 
booties: Silence and Noise, backpack: Claire's.

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself that you're confident... even when you aren't.
I wore these and was so nervous, thinking people would make fun of a grown gal in overalls!! But that morning I told myself "Just do it!"

and to my surprise...  I received so many compliments for them. 


So the moral to my post is even when your nerves are telling you no, TRY or DO it anyway and you will be surprised. Even if no one responds to your daring act 
(like the compliments I received for my outfit risk
YOU will know that you tried and be proud of yourself for doing so!!

To dress them up I paired them with booties and bow tie dress shirt and a bold lip. I am in love with this Bordeaux color for fall and treated myself to this new lip shade. Its called Leo, and it's fabulous.

xo, ciao

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