Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

 I like to think we have a little tradition of being a little extra lazy on Sunday morning. Sometimes I run and grab cereal or muffins and we read or play scrabble. It's nice to have that time before the hecticness of the day's events interferes with the time you can spend with one another. But instead of lounging in bed this week, we got up and cooked this delicious spread. It all started when the other night we drove past an IHOP on the way to the grocery store late at night, which triggered a craving for pancakes. BTW great call on the Turkey bacon babe, it has no sugar added. Great for those trying to cut back their intake.. haha, not me.

We picked up a box of gluten free Maple Grove Farms pancake/ waffle mix. I chose to follow the recipe for 5-6 pancakes- I ended up with 8 three- inch pancakes. I used two egg whites and about a cup of almond milk. For a nice gluten free low fat pancake recipe/mix- I so reccomend this product. My banana pancakes turned out scrumptious, and I can't wait to try it as a waffle mix. I think you should add something to the mix, as it seems it might be too plain tasting if you serve it as is. I would suggest a fruit topping or some sort of butter to add flavor.

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