Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sometimes when you live with your significant other, it can be hard to find time to do things you used to do before you were attached. Your single lifestyle traits kind of melt away and double dates, making dinner together and inside jokes get a lot better. But you should still fit in "girly time" for yourself~ example:: chick flicks, eating ice cream for the carton (oh, am I the only one who did that?) and looking through Cosmo to find out what the best bed tricks

and as wonderful as my guy is… when I try to ask his opinions on the new embroidery trend or show him my T-chart for the reasons why I need a new pair of boots or when I just want to dream//wish for the newest Celine bag... he just doesn't get it.

Insert Girls Night Out ::your girlfriends, maybe a few drinks, lots of laughing, good food and someone who actually gets your dilemma about whether you should get black painted jeans or leather leggings.. I had such a fun night out at Merit Vegan with a few lovely ladies the other evening. I wore my new HM sweater that I picked up the other day while shopping with my sister. We gabbed about our boyfriends// work// purses/ weddings//and a little gossip (duh, we’re girls)

I’ve known these ladies since childhood, and we always try to meet up every month just to catch up. Even though we’re all super busy doing our own thang, it’s nice re-group and reminisce.
Love you ladies x

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