Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Great Indoors

6 Rain Jackets for Running // Nike Cyclone Vapor Jacket c Tim Jones

With winter on its way to the Bay Area, it sure is putting a damper on my outside workout opportunities. The Sun wakes up late and goes to bed earlier so I have to be a little more creative with my workouts. I love to run, but on a treadmill is not ideal for me... I get board staring at the same wall the entire time.

Lately I have thought about investing in some new workout equipment in anticipation for the coming months. This guide that I found in Health Magazine seems to have done all the guesswork for me. They even included some workout routines to practice with your new home gym. As always, click on each scan for a larger viewing of the gear and exercise plan.

Also, the foam roller they mention at the bottom of the page is amazing. I feel as though it really gets those hard to relax muscles and knots. I would suggest an upgrade here. It is that one I have at home and I find that it holds up better than the foam roller... that one just flattens out over time and becomes harder to roll properly. Plus the ridges really provide extra help with pressure.

get that booty in gear! ciao xx

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