Friday, October 19, 2012

get your weekend on // Follow Friday

Ok this is effortlesslii’s first Follow Friday but it pairs perfectly with Get Your Weekend On. If you are a fitness enthusiast, like myself, and are interested in CrossFit- I highly recommend you head over to CrossFit Silicon Valley this weekend for their annual OctoberFit Throwdown. This is an event not to be missed because of all the other Box’s who participate from all over the Bay Area. Come see athletes compete, test their abilities, push their limits, win, loose, and most of all SWEAT!!! Learn a new workout, meet elite athletes and learn how to get started.

This weekend is also a huge launch for my boyfriend
(insert proud girlfriend squeals here!!)
His company Tabata Times is having another launch party this weekend during the OktoberFit event and they will be unveiling their new marketing material- he’s the creative director and lead photographer Plus he completely re-designed their box for the event. I have seen all the behind the scenes work for the last few weeks [[ which is Amazing ]] and I can’t wait to see everything finished!! Too bad I’m headed out of town today and won’t get to attend the event this weekend, I am beyond bummed…
But please go, support, learn, enjoy!!

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Follow CrossFit Silicon Valley on Twitter @CrossFitSV and Like them on Facebook
Any press on the event- tag your shots//tweets with #SVOctoberFit

While you’re there… you can follow me too
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(confusing, I know) lol


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