Tuesday, October 9, 2012

while on a walk ♥ wild horses

I have been gettin' my cowgirl on lately at the new house. I am adjusting to life on the farm more and more with each visit I make. The horses are so cute when you bring them extra apples and they never grown tired of eating them. You have to watch out for them because sometimes they act like little brats, and don't like to share their treats. Then they fight and all the apples end up falling in the mud. I think I need to buy a pair of muck boots for ranch life

My favorite part is taking care of the chickens, I just think they are so cute and I love the idea of having farms fresh eggs every morning. If I could have a backyard I would for sure try to grow/raise as many household items as I could. I love the idea of sustainable living. My favorite chicken on the ranch is Sugar.. or Suge Knight... that's what I call her <3. These are just some shots of life on the farm as of recent. Loving the opportunities I'm getting lately for going back to my roots.. I'll always be a small town/ country girl at heart.

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