Wednesday, October 17, 2012

little black dress

After a long week, we had an even longer weekend...
wait?! isn't it supposed to get slower by Friday?
Well for us it didn't... lucky for me my boyfriend is amazing and took me out for a night on the town after all the hectic-ness of working during the day. BONUS- I saw Looper, and loved it!! I highly recommend you see it while in theaters because you need the large screen to get the full impact of some of the scenes. I am wearing an { on sale } Urban Outfitters dress- anything backless and I’m instantly in love. And I’m wearing my ever faithful Dolce Vita sandals; they have been in heavy rotation ever since I got them. The last day of our long vacation was spent in San Francisco, as you can see from the photo of me taken in Chinatown. We also checked out Little Italy [[or North Beach as some call it]] it’s now one of my top three favorite neighborhoods there... makes me want to go to Italy for real.

all pics taken by the talented Bobby Menbari

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