Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun with your Girls

After the other week, I was finally able to start thinking a little positively... A little. My friends and family have been here for me and keeping me busy. Which is such a blessing!!

I started my new job with my company and I have a good feeling that it was a smart change. I have always been a little geek-y and I tend to gravitate to the analytical roles so moving into an operations position was a logical step. I'll post pictures of my first day of work outfits tomorrow. I finally can wear cute outfits and no nylons, unless I want too.

I brainstormed a few fun ideas of things to do with your girlfriends. Aside from the usual "going out to dinner" and "happy hour" I thought it would be good to branch off into other activities, cause lets face it.. Girls don't want to gain weight with dessert and cocktails every night. I hope the list inspires you to have a great Girls Night Out.. or In!! Enjoy xo

1. Plan a girls movie night and have all the usual munches that girls love. I think M&M's, popcorn, dark chocolate bark, and gummy worms are always a hit. Some of my favorite movies are Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bridesmaids and He's Just Not that Into You.

2. Sign up for a fun dance class, yoga or Zumba..depending on what your friends like to do for fun. It might be nice to try something out of your comfort zone and see what else you might be into. I'm told that when you're single, it's all about self discovery.

3. Have a pedicure/ manicure day at a fun nail salon. It is all the rage right now, and haven't you been interested in trying a fun nail design or shellac? Plus, a lot of salons in my area have wine or cocktails that they serve with your appointment.

5. Maybe you have been interested in going wine tasting. Invite a few friends and make a day of it. When you are at the winery, ask if they will give you a tour of the grounds and give you a little educational background on the types of wine they sell. BONUS: Then when you shop for wine for your next Girls Night In- you have more knowledge on the brands or favors that you like.

6. Have a Girls Night In. Bake some cupcakes during the day and invite your friends over for a decorating party. pick out some sparkling wines, buy some fun toppings and yummy frosting. You can have candles and good music then have a chill night at home. Not too many girls can say no to something sweet!

7. Even though it is the most cliche out of the bunch, a girls night out for drinks and dancing is always a good idea. Invite everyone over to your place before hand for appetizers and drinks, then pick a fancy place to go out to. Since you won't be spending money on food, I think you can splurge when it comes to your choices. And everyone had a good excuse to get dolled up.

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