Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Of Health

Does it sound like a symphony of sneezes from cubicles around your office? Are you tired of feeling like a lab rat on a wheel, when exercising at the gym? Are you afraid to shake hands with someone, at the risk that they didn't wash theirs? Are you bored of eating the same Greek yogurt everyday, but fearful of picking something unhealthy instead? Do you find yourself "OCDing" on Lysol and hand sanitizer? If you answered yes, or thought about answering yes, to any of these questions, then it might be time for a health pick me up!! And just in time for flu season.

This week on the blog it’s all about getting you healthy and in shape for the upcoming seasons. I’ll share with you my tips for keeping your immune system in check, some new routines for working out your stems and recipes that you’re sure to love. So sit back, relax and tune in everyday for a new feature that is sure to keep you at your peak of healthiness… just trying to make it easy and effortless for you.
Enjoy, ciao xo
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