Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Wish List :: Mr. Cool Guy

Probably every guy thinks that he should be in this category. My guy would definetly fall into this category (yes hunny- I think you're cool) but I'm not biased or anything. This prices range a lot in this collection- as to accomidate for the different "relationship levels" a.k.a. boyfriend, homeboy, cute neighbor down the street... whatever. Oh and bonus is that Mr Cool Guy doesn't dig wrapping paper, so throw your gift in a paper bag and you're golden.
Happy Shopping

1. Analog Recruit Button Down $58 :: 2. Brixton Cap $34 :: 3. Game $15 :: 4. Overnight Bag $350 :: 5. DA-E750 Samsung Speaker  $600 :: 6. Nixon Automatic Watch $1200 :: 7. Blue Coral Bookend $100 :: 8. The Walking Dead Comics  9. Stanley Classic Flask $28 ::

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