Thursday, April 4, 2013

only a ginger

Only because I know her... but everything she is wearing is from Urban Outfitters, shoes- Keds, glasses- Hot Topic

Sister is making an appearance on the blog today. We were getting ready for my birthday party on Tuesday (as you can see from the pictures below it was quite a success)
and I was so in love with her outfit we stopped while at Target for an impromptu  photo shoot.. sure people were staring but we like the attention, just kidding.. Denim on denim is a look that is so popular right now, and the pop of red from her shoes adds just the right amount of excitement. Plus her polka-dot top added a girly touch to an almost all boyfriend style. Go Kendal! So take note, when pairing pieces for a monochromatic outfit, throw in a bit of color to break up the look.

this is just how girls party.. cupakes and wine, duh!

I just loved this car sitting next to me at the light.. #stalker :)
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