Wednesday, April 10, 2013


click for larger viewing <3

Oh Coachella, is it that time of year again?
For bare feet and relaxin', for amazing artists and perfect sunsets...

I did get to experience the festival last year and I can tell you that it had it's highs and lows. The artists were AMAZING!! My favorites were Bon Iver, Radiohead, Snoop/Dre/Tupak (yes, the hologram was insanely cool) Beirut, Santigold and Florence and the Machine. The company was great and the evenings were golden.
Now, I'm not a girly girl- I can camp. But the temperature and lack of resources (read: water and air circulation) really put a damper on my experience. Needless to say, if I were headed to Indio- camping would not be my first choice. I would recommend this hotel though, it was perfect the night I stayed!

So take a peak at my wish list for Coachella this year, and have a great time if you're going!! xo

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