Wednesday, May 9, 2012

::hot streets :: bring cold treats::

The other day my parents gave us the most amazingly delicious oranges. They were so sweet, but the still had that zing of tartness at the end of each bite. Since they gave us an enormous bag I decided to squeeze fresh juice. I filled an entire pitcher and didn't add a drop of sweetener or water, it was like tasting liquid sunshine. I had extra, so I looked up some sorbet recipes online to see if I could make some. Well, what do you know.. an ice cream maker comes in very handy when making sorbet... which I do not own. hmmm..

I chose to try it anyway and improvised :)

I cored my oranges and and put them to the side. I squeezed some grapefruit juice and mixed that with the orange. Then I looked in the back of my freezer and found an unused container of foloodeh. I let the foloodeh soften and mixed it with the juice... then just stuck it in the freezer. Every ten minutes or so, I would scrape the mixture with a fork just so it wouldn't sit and turn into an ice block. When it looked like it was done, about an hours or so, I scooped it into my orange halves and served them. This was so easy and effortless on my part, and my boyfriend was thoroughly pleased. I squeezed a little lime on top for extra tartness, I love sour things. I can easily make this again when friends come over or when headed to a BBQ. It's light and refreshing, and perfect for the Northern California weather we've being experiencing lately (high 80's) 
orange / cored

letting the mixture melt together


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