Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer INStyle

It's happening... all the magazines I love are starting to print all the best summer looks for this season. Just thinking of sandals and bright colors and sun dresses makes me all giddy inside. Although, I feel like the summer trends are very similar to the spring styles- just a little less of the blazers and a little more bikinis. I have been keeping my eyes on all the new outfit choices popping up in the stores, and makes me a little giddy seeing all the shades of blue that designers are using. In the new issue of Instyle they have a great spread featuring some of the pieces that you need to buy for the upcoming season.

I have my eye on the...
:: R.J. Graziano resin bangles- Even though I can't afford a tropical vacation this year, wearing these will make a regular night out seem special.
:: Banana Republic cotton pullover- The light weight cotton blend is the perfect alternative to a sweater on a summer night. Plus, I can never say no to stripes. :)
::Acacia Swimwear- all the styles featured. These bathing suits are HOT!!I don't think you can say no to any of the them. The blue Aztec print on the last page is my ultimate fav. <3

What are your Summer must haves?

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