Thursday, May 10, 2012

National Bike to Work 2012

This is Betty, yes those are dice valve caps
Today is National Bike to work day, and the Silicon Valley is representing!! I have a relatively short commute, so I really had no excuse not to ride. It was a great way to start my morning and I got to work faster than I normally do taking the lightrail. There were pop up tents along my route, and I suppose along every major roadway. They were giving away free energy bars, bagels, reusable bags, juice, water and my personal favorite coupons for the Sports Basement (my favorite sports store) and other great retailers. I might ride my bike more often. Check out this site if you want to find out more information about riding in your area.

If you haven't left for work yet, toss your car keys to the side and jump on your bike. If you already have and didn't know about the event, go for a nice ride after work. Or just do something good for the earth if you're not able to ride. This event is all about health and sparing the air from excess pollution. So get out their and get involved. ;)

xx ciao
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