Thursday, September 20, 2012

breakfast at the park

went out for some b-fast the other day with my hunnys.
My guy made the best breakfast bagel sandwiches and obviously I was so tempted to eat it, I forgot to photograph it first. sooo... here is a half eaten sandwich for your viewing pleasure- hey, at least you have a better view of the inside. We brought along our
solar powered ipod dock, but the sky was too overcast to use it. I offered to sing, but that never goes over well. I have a little issue.. when I don't know the words in a song I sort of hum/mumble the lines that I'm missing.. it never sounds right but it always makes him laugh.

As you can see in the photo below, the fancy nail polish? That is the Sally Hansen
Nail Effects kit. I bought it on Saturday night and did nails with a friend, just like when you were ten. As far as a product review- I don’t think I would buy them again. I couldn’t figure out how to cut them to the right size for my nail bed and I felt like they didn’t adhere very well. The pros are that they come in amazing designs and amazing colors and they are CHEAP, only $10.. Plus I don't want to discredit the brand, it could be my fault that I didn't know how to apply them correctly. I really don't know how to "do nails" in general.
you should plan a picnic for the weekend, head out to your favorite park with a blanket.

nosh a bit.. snooze a bit.. perfect morning

obsessed with buttons at the moment

weeeeee... :)

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