Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Prop]er Tarts

I am so excited for the start of Autumn. As you can see from here and here. But nothing gets me more in the mood than the food for fall. Everything becomes slow cooked and hearty. I feel like a stew or casserole becomes a staple at least once every week. When cold weather sets in, people find comfort in their meals. I am for sure one of those people. I have a list of slow cooker recipes I'm ready to try already and the thermostat outside still reads 80.. I'm delusional, but ready and determined for fall.

I have been trying out different breakfast recipes for the "on the go" type consumer. Of course my boyfriend serves as the perfect guinea pig- completely consensual. I tried looking up pop tart recipes online but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I finally settled on this site and chose to stuff my "prop tarts" [[ I like the name and thought of it as a proper breakfast in a tart version]] with broccoli, ground turkey and white cheddar. I also added rosemary to my crust and chia seeds on some- boyfriends request. I tried a sweet version with almond butter and banana chips- but I didn't think they came out well. I will have to work on that recipe a bit.

shots c/o @lenscaption
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