Thursday, September 6, 2012


ootd- blouse- JCrew, denim- True Religion, belt- vintage, shoes- Toms, bag- Louis Vuitton
 I feel like my work week is on fast forward and I can't find the remote in order to pause he madness. But fear not.. I will get through it. On my quick day off I got to enjoy the back country out in the South Bay at Clos LaChance Winery. We had all sorts of munchies and accoutrement's to make our afternoon more enjoyable. I especially loved the wasabi trail mix, it had the perfect about of kick. We shared a few bottles of the 2010, Reserve Viognier- which was very smooth. It had sweet undertones (think apricots and peaches) and a floral scent, which was very light and would pair well with multiple dishes. Finally as the sun began to set we decided that it was best to leave and get back to reality. Plus the bees had taken over one slice of turkey, and we were sure that they would come searching for more.

So we left the music, drinks, laughter and sunset... for another day

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