Thursday, September 27, 2012

simply smile

Sunset in Canada

This past weekend was my mom's birthday and we went out to eat with them at one of her favorite restaurants. While we were sitting there, I couln't help but see the love that my parents had for each other radiating through their gaze. After all these years (thirty-something) and the up and downs that most couples face, raising two children and hanging wall paper [inside joke] they are still together. I hope that I reach that in my my life someday. Your life is filled with experiences that turn into memories. Someone once told me that "you know you've reached the half way point, when you share memories instead of drems."  I have too many dreams that have yet to be fulfilled and one is to one day open a restaurant in my neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhoods- I have good news regarding the Whole Foods in Downtown San Jose While I was shopping at the Campbell location they told me that once the Whole Body opens next month, estimating the 10th of October, they will begin work with the downtown location. That may or may not be finished by the end of 2013. It is also supposed to have a two story brewery that will stay open past the grocery shop hours. This will only make the area more attractive to shop owners. I hope to be open on that street one day, soon. So while I'm dreaming in my head and typing with my fingers, these are some of the things that are currently making me happy.

favorite color in bloom

fairytails come true in Victoria, British Columbia- vacationed the previous year

who doesn't love a little champs served in a red cup... or blue?

baking this little beauty

stealing my Mom's cookies

freshly squeezed orange juice- see below

British breakfast

unique decorations

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