Friday, September 7, 2012


new "balance" necklace [c/o]

After a short work week, I feel like I'm cheating by getting another weekend so soon. I know, I know... everyone is dying to see what I bought this past weekend in San Francisco... but I'm so lazy I haven't taken any good outfit posts yet... next week
I promise

I think since last weekend was so chaotic/exciting/busy/action packed, this weekend we will just sloooowwwww it dowwwnnn

I have never brought it up on here, but I have had some health issues for a while and I finally got them resolved.. I feel so fantastic and so alive {{too cheesy?}} Anyway, my message to you is to get checked out. Don't live with the pain you have.. I mean it really takes a toll on your mental state and your disposition. And if you live in the South Bay, I recommend here.. if you need it. The shots today are the little things that have kept me smiling this past week. Hope they make you smile too. enjoy your weekend. XO

trying out this new recipe

fun water pitcher I got on sale!!

loving Fig season <3

buying funny Birthday cards for a friend

new treats for my candy jar
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