Thursday, September 13, 2012

new New NEW {{2}} ♥

These shots are for the second half of my fun shopping day in the City. As I told you I went and checked out the Levi's store in Union Square and picked up some new denim duds. I fall into that category where my jeans never fit because my waist and my butt are two different sizes. I am a big fan of belts, so that I can avoid the back gap. With these... no problem. I got fitted and tried on only four pairs, 4! And I found the perfect ones. That never happens, usually I'm in the fitting room with a stack of 20... and I maybe find one.

I know Levi's might not be your first choice for denim, but you should pick up a pair just for the fit and they're only $70.. The denim shirt was a tug-of-war decision. should I get it? should I not? Which finally ended with me at the register handing over my credit card and then screaming wait! and then running back to grab it.... boy, am I happy I did. This top has been in full rotation lately. The Sperry's I got on sale for $70 from here.. a little bit of Summer to last me through the rest of the year.

shirt- BDG denim, jeans- Levis Curve ID, shoes- Sperry's, bag- Louis Vuitton
While I was at Zara, I also picked up this blouse... it is my favorite blue in the world, does anyone know the real name for it? I've heard cerulean, cobalt, klein... hmmm.. I decided to pair my new boots with this outfit, but I'm having a hard time deciding what else I could wear them with..

once again all images courtesy of this guy
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