Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fitness Focus :: Noelle Sebastian

This is a girl who is dedicated to her workout and her lifestyle. I have known her for many years and so excited to be featuring her on my blog. She is a fitness guru and a total sweet heart. I have also pulled 3 delicious and nutritious recipes from her Facebook Page, which you can check out for more healthy tips, recipes and fitspiration. Thanks Noelle for letting me interview. I hope your hard work inspires others to get healthy!! xo

1. Post Workout Tacos~
2 extra thin corn tortilla
4oz steak
Red onion
Bell pepper

Pasta Night~
1 cup of spaghetti squash
1 small roma tomato
3 sauteed baby bella mushrooms
2 garlic cloves
1/4 cup sauteed white onion
3.5 oz chicken
Parmesan cheese
Mrs. Dash Tomato basil
Salt and pepper

I used chicken leftover from lunch. Steam spaghetti squash in microwave till soft ~10+ min. Saute onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Chop roma tomatoes and add to sauteed mixture at end to soften. Mix all together in bowl and top with Parmesan cheese

3. Healthy Fried Rice~
1 egg white
1 whole egg
2 oz protein (chicken here)
1 cup veggies (frozen mix and fresh bok choy here)
1/3 cup cooked and cooled brown rice

Heat pan and spray with pam. Cook eggs and set aside, stir fry veggies, add rice and protein. Add eggs back in and I top w/1 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce

1. what is more important to you.. what you eat or how you exercise?

I honestly believe that what you eat is more important. Not being able to workout 100% because of an injury is a setback but if you keep your food clean, you will feel better about what you can do. Eating clean and healthy is a lifestyle not just a fad.

2. What is your favorite protein packed meal? and maybe share your recipe..
I have so many! Lol. I can’t pick just one. Right now I love Clean Tacos with any kind of protein, fish, chicken, steak, shrimp. I use Mission extra thin corn tortilla (80 cals for 2 tortillas) and fresh fruit salsa

3. Which is more important.. pre workout or post workout nutrition?
I find that both are equally important. Pre workout, I’ll have something small like toast and tablespoon of peanut butter or protein shake. I work out early so I don’t want too much. I can run faster, higher and workout longer with proper pre-workout food. Post workout, I will eat a meal. Sometimes I will have a shake if I am not going to eat right after but I prefer food. Balance of protein, carbs, fats

4. What are your thought on juice cleanses.. good, bad or fad?

Juice cleanses….. Not a fan. I like to eat my food not drink it. I would rather eat a bowl of fruit, enjoy each bite, get the nutrients and fiber in a natural state. 

5. Are you on the paleo diet?
I am not on the paleo diet or any diet but some “paleo” type foods and meals are really yummy.

6. What kind of shoes do you wear when you workout, are you into matching your gym outfits or are you a "throw whatever on, and go" kinda girl?

When in the gym, I love Nike Frees. When outside, I am still trying to find the best shoes. I love matching my shoes with shirts. I always wear black pants so it makes it easy. If I had more money to spend on shoes, I would have a fabulous collection of coordinating pieces. I almost always wear  a racerback style tank, a hat, black pants and cute shoes That is my gym style.

7. What motivation do you use on days when you really don't feel up to hitting the gym?

I just go anyways. Usually, the hardest part is walking through the door. Once I am in, I usually have an awesome workout.

8. Do you like working out alone or with friends?

I enjoy both. Sometimes I like to be alone with my headphones turned all the way up enjoying my personal time. Sometimes, I enjoy the company of a buddy as long as I get a good workout in and I don’t talk too much.

9. What are you thoughts on manufactured protein, example- shakes, bars and powder?

I like to use protein powder in powder form and make my own shakes. A lot of commercial premade shakes are really full of extra stuff that I don’t really care about. Same thing with bars, some bars have more calories and fat than a McDonald’s cheeseburger and less protein. I would still rather eat real food instead of a protein bar. I love to eat.

10. Do you switch up your workout (crossfit, yoga, hiking) or do you like to stick you a regular routine. 

I love to switch it up. I have done everything at least once, even if I suck. (suck at zumba). I love the gym and weights, short trail runs, hiking, kickboxing.  My little secret….. Sometimes when I am in a bored of my regular routine, I will switch gyms but only for a free week pass. In my area, I may try 4-5 different  gyms that offer different things and be occupied for a few weeks with a great change of pace, scenery, etc.

11. Are you still doing competitions for fitness modeling? if yes- what is the hardest part and the best part?

At the moment, I am not doing fitness competitions because of my shoulder. Its in the process of rehabbing but its moving slow and I cannot lift weights. I am still staying lean and training the rest of my body because I still have things to stay in shape for I want to schedule some fitness photo shoots soon to build portfolio and because its fun. I will also be working the San Jose Fit Expo in July with All American EFX.
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