Thursday, May 2, 2013

flying high in Oakland

So I put a little teaser in last week, mentioning my high flying times while doing a trapeze class. We went to Oakland to Trapeze Arts and had a 2 hour class. The instructors definitely pushed you to the limits and showed you a good time. So if you're interested in it, make an appointment!

Yes.. I was scared out of my mind. The first jump was intense. I stood on the platform with my toes over the edge.. I was leaning, practically falling, off the platform. As soon as they released my safety harness.. that was when the butterflies all flew away. Sometimes you have to jump..

I was glad that somebody caught me.

We also went to Everett and Jones BBQ for dinner. You know I love bbq, and this place did not disappoint. The meat was full of flavor and juicy and the sauce was extra spicy, just the way I like it. They even offer their own brew that pairs perfectly with their brisket. Trust me.. you wont be disappointed.

signing my life away.. literally

street art <3

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