Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Greetings from San Francisco


I'm up here all week pretending to be a local :: aka walking everywhere, eating as much as I can and enjoying the sights and sounds of the City. San Francisco is so close to home and I've visited here a million times.. but I have yet to see it all. But really, with all the different neighborhoods, how can you expect to visit each nook and cranny of the City. I ate an La Fusion last night and my experience was off the the charts. When you're traveling by yourself, sit at the bar because the bar tender will always entertain you. I enjoyed the pork tenderloin with kale and their house sangria. I have also been instructed to come back for their chicken, but I'm not sure its worth two visits to the same place. We'll have to see.. Tonight it's off to the mission with this hottie! Cheers xo

I'm superstitious, and stuck on the "13th " floor.. awesome

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