Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wants On Wednesday ♥

In an effort to unleash my inner geek. I thought I might entice you with some finds that have caught my eye lately. The first one on my list may or may not come with a tutor. wink wink. And the mini instagram projector was thrown in because I find it amusing how obsessed people are with instagram!! Myself included It's probably my favorite form of social media. Because.. well, lets face it, I love pictures. So keep snapping away.. some of these gadgets may come in handy. xo 

HTML for Dummies $2 on my kindle :: Olloclip Camera Lens $70 
  Logitech Washable Keyboard (I'm really clumsy) $40 :: Photo jojo bikepod  $45 
Crux360 iPad Case $100 :: Bike Spike $150 
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